Friday, March 28, 2014

Pixi Product Perfectors

Eye Bright Kit #2
Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach
Wide Awake Duo Pencil

Pixi products are awesome, you can purchase them from Target. I was browsing the aisles of Target and came upon them and decided to try them out and fell in love immediately! Brightening and correcting products are a necessity for me and Pixi rocks the genre without a doubt. These 3 products are excellent and are well made. The Correcting concentrate is peach colored and is a little thick but blends really well. The Eye Bright kit is light and smooth and works really well with coverage for several needs. The Wide Awake pencil has 2 ends, one brightening and one a lightener. The pencil brightener is soft and smoothes well, the lightener end is a little harder and takes time to warm to use.

They are also for the most part inexpensive and that makes my wallet happy :)! Check out and you will be surprised at how many products they have as well as a blog with "how to's" that Petra (the founder of Pixi) has. I am impressed with the brand Pixi and have quite a few of their products.

Have you tried Pixi ladies? Do let me know! Sherry