Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blotting Papers

Sephora Shimmer Sheet Set
Palladio Rice Paper

There is a sweaty situation that happens when I have serious hot flashes. No kidding, I get bright red faced and seriously dewy (and not the good kind). I used to grab compact powder, and as the day wore on tended to look quite like a ludicrous TV actor portraying a little old lady with layers of powder. Trust me NOT a good look! Of course I have heard of blotting papers but was too dang lazy to get any and yet needed to get something asap to alleviate the powder overload.

The Palladio Rice Paper is an Ulta staple and I grabbed them upon seeing them in the last minute shopping lure bins at the front of the store. They have no color, shimmer, powder that can be seen on them and when used on my nose, forehead and cheeks absolutely worked wonders! It didn't move my makeup and yet immediately took away the (let's just say it) sweat.

Then I was browsing Sephora and saw the blotting powders that have 3 areas included: Illuminizer, Blush, Bronzer. Each of these papers have different concepts. The Illuminizer is a white shimmery sheet that places a small amount of light to the area of your face you want to highlight. The Blush is a pretty dark pink paper and places a small amount of blush to your cheeks. Last the Bronzer is a tan paper and places a small amount to the areas where you want a little bronzer or contour. I find that these are great for when my makeup has done a "runner" by end of day or when I have overheated and it's melted off in spite of my preparations to make my makeup last! They are small enough and easy enough to carry in a pocket or purse in place of 3 products and can be used as eyeshadow in a pinch!

I am very glad I picked these up and find myself using these without thinking as they have become a necessary staple in the menopause life :)!

What are your favorite blotting papers? Do you use these? Have a beautiful (and oil free face) day! Sherry