Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Got that Spring feeling!

For the last 3 days we have ricocheted between 36 at night to 80's in the day time, muggy, cloudy with bits of brilliant sun splashing through! On my way to work this morning I had my AC on in the car and my heavy metal jammin' and felt pretty good. When I woke up I just wanted to make a simple easy face that was smooth, clear and perky to match my attitude. So I went with some of the great spring colors in my makeup and the finishing pop of pretty pink on my lips and off I went.

This time of the year is just fresh and clean and bursting with new life and although those ugly allergies (BOOOO) can make me look like the spring time Rudolph, I persevere and have a feeling of possibilities! After the long winter of dormancy and inner health and wellness, it's time to let the soul planting and buds from the newly thawed ground of my life to burst forth and grow.

Does spring time bring a call for renewal not only in your "spring cleaning" but in your life and soul? What calls to you most as you unwrap the layers of "frozen ground" and thaw the bulbs that have been buried so deeply to bring forth? Do you feel the change?

Ladies it may just be me, I love the winter in so many ways (ok pretty much because my hot flashes make me wanna run around nekkid and embarrass my 3 grown sons:) but spring just makes me feel giddy and ready for anything! May your spring be one of renewal, growth and peace as you "thaw"!

Blessings, Sherry