Friday, March 7, 2014

Illuminate me

Top L:
The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer
Skin Transformer Tinted Sculpturing Balm in Coral Bronzer
IT Cosmetics Hello Light illuminating Powder

Bottom L:
Armani Fluid Sheer #4
Armani Fluid Sheer #2
Benefit Watt's Up
Revlon Photoready Skin Lights in Peach Light

Swatches: bottom to top
Cindy Lou Manizier (you can barely see it and I swatched heavily)
Skin Transformer Tinted Sculpturing Balm
Armani Fluid Sheer #4
Armani Fluid Sheer #2
Benefit Watt's Up
IT Cosmetics Hello Light

Back in the 80's you could guarantee that I had some outrageous shimmer/glitter going on with my face LOL! Then I went for years without any illumination as I got bored/grew up/saw myself in the mirror-you get the picture. Then I bought some subtle illuminators and have become addicted! I learned where to place the product and found the different colors that work for my skintone and there is rarely a day that I don't have some sort of illuminator incorporated into my makeup.

I found that the peach/bronze/yellow based work well with my coloring as I tend to lean toward red face. The MAC Strobe Cream is subtle and I use that at my browbone and cupids bow. The Armani Fluid Sheer I mix in with my foundation as it lends a lit from within glow without looking like a disco ball! I am super pleased with the IT Cosmetics powder as it is sheer, non-glittery and looks really good on top of my cheekbones. Having just picked up the Cindy Lou Manizer at Kohls last night I will play with that next. It is peachy in color and feels smooth to the touch.

A bright face that is plump tends to be known as youthful (not sure whose rule that is?) but when I use illuminator subtly I find that my face looks brighter and offsets the bronzer and contouring that I do daily.

Are you an illuminator lover? Any tips or tricks that you have, please pass them on as I am still learning! Sherry