Friday, August 18, 2017

The AZO difference, Go Less, Worry Less

*Product sent for review

We all have some bladder leaks when laughing,  sneezimg, running. Then you add genetics,  pregnancy, child birth and menopause and the bladder urgency and frequency can make life a bit stressful! Not to mention embarrassing. So I'm always on the lookout for products that are designed to uniquely help. After being sent this product, I read up on the ingredient list and usage. I then talked with my doctor to make sure my daily medication was okay to use with this supplement. I was given the green light!

I  started taking it as directed, one pill three times a day for the first two weeks.  Then one capsule twice a day thereafter. My bladder issues are frequency especially at night, urgency during the day and bladder leaks. To be sure a unpleasant consequence of my aging body.  Let me tell you though,  after the second week, I had considerable reduction in the urgency and frequency and my sleep patterns were better, as well as getting to the bathroom on time. I will take anything supplementary and do lifestyle changes to help and this one ticked all the boxes!

The product is readily available at most drugstore ad supermarket chains and the cost is wonderfully inexpensive.  This will definitely be a staple in my daily medication and supplement use. If you have any of these symptoms whether large or small; get yourself a bottle and give it a try! It may very well tick all the boxes for you as well!

I'm loving that we women and men can be more open today about health and wellness issues. The conversation is easier than generations before.
Thanks for your time reading this post and if you've had experience with this or other lifestyle help, please do tell!

Blessings, Sherry

Friday, August 11, 2017

Multi-tasking Products

We all have products that we regret purchasing and don't know what to do with. I've come up with several ideas! Multitasking is the key. For example,  there's an eye cream that drives me crazy, so I used it as an elbow and feet moisturizer. It worked excellent!  So I went through my forgotten and sample stash , making an added benefit and use.

Some moisturizers worked as a lip balm, some as neck and decollatage. Oils worked as cuticle softener and for the ends of my hair  (just a little ya'll)! Witch hazel wipes make a great toner. The Bobbi Brown eye cream was used on my feet! 

I also use my multiple samples as they give me an idea as to whether I'll buy the full size. Plus they don't go to waste!  Eyeshadow as highlighter and concealer as foundation.  Let me tell you the list goes on. 

What are some of the products that you use? Multitasking,  in my opinion,  saves money !

Tell me yours in the comments. 

Blessings,  Sherry 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Decluttering Is The Buzzword!

It's oddly satisfying to watch YouTube videos about a makeup stash/collection declutter. Cleaning out the old, unused,  gone bad products  and donating, selling or giving to family and friends.

Some of these videos garner intense opposition. For instance,  people get upset at the perceived waste or the extravagant collections;  while others wish that half the stuff decluttered would magically come their way!

Larger Youtubers are sent whole collections to test, try and review for ad voice as
influencers . They may put duplicates or products that don't suit them in a giveaways to their subscribers.

In a world of ads, commercials and influencers, the product may become entangled in a perceived and sometimes real paid for review but that's another rant/subject! Ultimately,  it's about curbing the impulse to have all the latest and greatest; while using what we have and love in a meaningful way.

Declutters are therefore necessary!
Decluttering can be very hard. I'm speaking from personal experience because when I think of all the hard earned money I've  spent!
This last month, I did a huge makeover and declutter of my beauty room/office. I put on a declutter video from one of my favorite YouTube and got to work. All in all, I was happy with the results. I tossed expired, off smelling products and donated a huge bag of sanitized switched items and sold some languishing items. It felt a bit liberating and I felt lighter.

The temporary pain of the clean out made me realize my rampant consumerism without the actual long term use of a product was showing!

Nope, not going to stop buying or receiving makeup but I  consciously make these decisions based upon each purchase. I feel a bit happier at using some of the things I forgot about in the "new"  flush.

Have you had a declutter?  Do you love watching those videos? Do tell in the comments below.

Blessings,  Sherry

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ulta Is Giving Sephora A Run For Their Money

That nifty little post button on Bloglovin had me fooled ya'll! I uploaded several new posts and they didn't show up on my blog in blogger. So, this girl has to figure out how to make those posts live here.
Please be patient as I work on the hiccups! Thanks so much,  Sherry

In the meantime,  here's the link to my latest post, enjoy!