Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Unfortunate Hiatus

I have been noticeably absent. I have had some serious personal devastation happen in my life and will be intermittent to absent for a short period of time. I thank ya'll for following my blog. There will be posts on and off for the next month. Thank you for your understanding. Blessings, Sherry

Monday, January 19, 2015

Guerlain Meteorites

#3 Medium

Back in the 80's I purchased my first beautiful tin of Meteorites and fell in love with them. I never repurchased because really it just isn't something that I could justify and use daily. Ladies let me tell you this product is so nice on the vanity and feels like such a present every time I use this on my face. I am careful not to over use these as it can look a bit too shiny but in small amounts it definitely gives a glow to the face that doesn't translate into oil slick or disco ball!

It makes for a lovely gift for that woman who has a luxe love. Sephora also has a LE tin with a bow but they have been sold out and I decided that the current and common tin is just as lovely and the tin will be put to good use after the product has been used up (about 3 years from now:).

Are you one of the ladies that need this in your life? Do tell! Sherry

BECCA Glow to Go Shimmering Skin Perfector Trio

Swatches from top:
Champagne Gold

Highlighters are something new that I started using this last year. I made some horrendous and actually quite hilarious mistakes when learning how to apply highlighters and watched a lot of Youtube videos and tutorials to apply correctly. Everybody and their mother has talked about the BECCA skin perfectors and after swatching away at Ulta and Sephora, I decided that this trio was the perfect way to try them out. They are $25 for the trio and apparently the Champagne Gold is a new and possibly limited edition highlighter.

The picture with them are swatched heavily to show them the best I could and are quite blended out. I have learned to apply this on the top of my cheekbones, below my eyebrows and also on the inner corner of my eyes. I use them sparingly and have noticed that my eyes look more awake when I use this as an inner corner perk up!

These highlighters are the perfect way to try out BECCA products and are easy to travel with and even throw in your makeup bag as the tube and doe foot applicator are wonderful to apply.

I believe that these are only a holiday set so grab yours before they fly off the shelves and you miss out on the trio of highlighting beauty! Sherry

Bobbi Brown Mini Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio

Swatches from Top:
Smokey Topaz
Pink Sparkle
Espresso Bean

Oh how I love the ease of an eyeshadow cream crayon! They can be used all over the eye lid or as a liner and you can make them subtle or build them up for a great outstanding eye look. Bobbi Brown products are just absolutely luxe and although they are quite pricey, this trio is a holiday set that I found at Nordstrom for $38. I haven't had the pleasure until now of using her cream shadow sticks and they are all that a bag of chips!!!!

They apply smoothly, last a loooonnnnnggggg time and these colors are perfect for a variety of looks. The Pink Sparkle is quite shimmery but as an inner corner highlighter makes my eyes pop. The Smokey Topaz is gorgeous and that one gets the most use. I love using Espresso Bean as a liner and it makes my hazel eyes really stand out.

All in all these are a great value even though they are minis and I can definitely see myself buying some more colors! Give these a try if you like ease of cream shadows and because holiday sets give you a variety at a great price. I will definitely be thinking about a couple of people in my life these would make a great stocking stuffer. Let me know what you think and if you have used these before. Sherry