Friday, March 21, 2014

Lumene skin products

Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum-white colored
Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail
Time Freeze Instant lift Serum-tan colored

I have fallen in love with Lumene products that I have found at Walgreens and CVS. The first product I ever bought was some day and night cream and loved how they made my skin feel. I also like how they had great ingredients from nature and the more I studied their website, I loved them even more. The next product I bought after seeing a review on multiple blogs was the Time freeze CC cream and it is my go to for quick outings, weekends and when I want a fresh look. Before I go into the skincare products I found and am using check out the website
and you will be as surprised and interested in the product line.

The Bright Now Vitamin C BB Serum is white in color, yet goes on clear with a pearlescent sheen that is not at all glittery. It makes my skin feel so smooth and brightened. It works wonders as a primer, as it says it minimizes pores as well as brightens, hydrates and illuminates. I have found this to be very true. It's main ingredient claim to fame is the Arctic Cloudberry along with Vitamin C which protects skin from the signs of aging. It has a faint floral/medicinal smell to me and dissipates quickly.

The Bright Now Vitamin C Dry Skin Cocktail is absolutely fantastic for treating the dry winter skin I have had. The oil itself is bi-phasic and has the darker heavier color pink on the bottom with the lighter colored yellow on top. They mix well and smooth into the skin quite rapidly and I don't feel the least bit greasy when I use this. My skin loves it and as it says it brightens and nourishes dry skin. It's main ingredient claim to fame is Wild Arctic Cloudberry as well as Vitamin C and continues the skin care protecting from the signs of aging.

The Time Freeze Instant Lift Serum is interesting in that it goes on smoothly and in the area of my lip lines, crows feet and forehead divots :) it does help to tighten and give the illusion that my skin is firmer. Its claim to fame ingredient is Wild Lingonberry a natural antoioxidant Quercitin. It supports collagen and elastin synthesis. I don't know if over time I will notice long term benefits but I will keep using this and let you know! It is an interesting tan colored liquid but goes on the skin colorlessly.

All of these are great products and my skin feels wonderful when I use these regularly in my daily skincare routine. Up until a couple of years ago I didn't use any kind of serum or protectant because I was flat lazy!! Now, I am so addicted to good skincare that this would be missed only if I was out of them LOL!

So ladies, have you checked out Lumene products? What do you think? What have you used that I haven't, recommendations welcomed!!! Sherry