Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flu hell

I have been a nurse 20 years, I have gotten my flu shot all those years minus 2. For the last 2 weeks I was down worse than I could have ever imagined. Eating Vitamin C, drinking broths, sleeping and fighting the horrible achiness and fever. The coming back phase has been so hard and I am just now getting the strength to be up multiple hours in the day. I tire out easily and I feel like my body has been beat up.

I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for my blog followers and the sweet comments and support I have gotten. I have been half ass taking care of the things outside of day to day recovery and yet the blog still strolls on. This little hobby joy of mine has been brewing in my brain and new ideas and posts are on their way.

Again, big thanks to ya'll!!! Blessings, Sherry

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Strivectin and Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream in Warm Glow
Strivectin Anti Aging Eye Illuminator in Medium
Strivectin Anti Aging Lip Tint in Plum

People who know me, know that makeup and skincare gifts are right up my alley :). I had mentioned that I love Juice Beauty products and that Strivectin ALWAYS rock my skincare routine. Especially after seeing an ad for the new Strivectin CC line I wanted to get them right away. I have several CC foundations and products that are heavily in rotation and especially in winter they moisturize and give me a beautiful glow. They are also simple and make my skin look awesome!

The Juice Beauty CC cream is a winner in my book. Its smooth, covers redness and imperfections yet still lets my skin show through. It has a strong fragrance (fruity) at first, yet dissipates quickly. They say" It is a multi-tasker, repairs DNA damage, evens skin tone and texture, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, creates a radiant, glowing complexion, protects with chemical free SPF 30, has mineral tinted coverage, ultimate moisturizer, skin perfecting color, great for all skin types." Chemically validated age defy and blemish clearing results. Authentically organic antioxidant rich juice base. In my own words, basically awesome!!! I don't know about the long term benefits yet, but I will continue to use this and let you know.

The Strivectin Anti Aging lip tint goes on smoothly, isn't sticky and the color is just right for a pop of color. Anything that helps the fine lines and dryness is a winner in my book and this one was immediate in how it worked. It also comes in a pink. It says" minimizes the look of lip lines, delivers a moisturized feel, restores visible softness, creates a silky smooth appearance, enhances natural lip color." I have never had a bad Strivectin product episode. My lippie addiction continues :) however with an anti aging component I will use this even more!

The Strivectin Anti Aging Eye Illuminator looks like a concealer and acts like one as well but has a bright light to it that on application makes my eye area look wide awake. It is smooth, blends well and I will see how the long term usage performs. It says "diffuses fine lines, conceals dark circles, illuminates skin, gives immediate hydration, smooths texture, revives and contours the skin." I used this earlier today and loved the look and feel of this product. It looks like a concealer and illuminator all at once and I like that.

My friends rock! They have given me some new and fabulous products that I will use to the last drop.

These were all purchased at and if you are into the CC craze, check these out! Let me know your thoughts, would love to hear ya'lls opinion :).....Sherry

Strivectin CC and Philosophy Miracle Worker Concealer Duo

Strivectin Advanced Anti Aging CC Face Tint
Philosophy miracle worker anti aging concealer duo in medium

I swatched the Strivectin CC in Ulta and although it looks really yellow based it blended out really well and felt smooth and had no fragrance problem. As you know I have a CC cream love and especially one that has anti aging and illuminating properties. It says "diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, brightens shadows, minimizes the look of pores, smoothes texture, evens skin tone, revives complexion with sheer color, hydrates skin, creates a dewy fresh finish, protects against damaging UV rays." It promises a lot and I can't wait to try it and see for myself how it works. I will do a follow up review to let you know how it works for me!

Philosophy is a bad ass line and the fact that they have cosmetics makes me very happy. I swatched their new anti aging foundation and wasn't impressed because it was so thick. The concealer duo though was smooth and the packaging is aswesome. It fits neatly in my makeup bag and Philosophy always has great sayings on their packaging. Under eye concealer is a must for me and I have been on a hunt for the great ones, this one promises to be one of my top reached for products.

Are you going to try the Strivectin CC cream? Are you a CC hoarder like me? Share your thoughts and lets get a conversation going! Sherry

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Let's Be Friends Blog Hop!

 photo BlogHopButtonFinal_zps99116d5e.png"

As I am getting to know new blogs and people on this wide world web I enjoy finding new people to follow and read and learn from! This blog hop is by the lovely and the lovely ladies that are co-hosting with her! If you are like me and love finding new blogs and great content then check out the blog hops!! Hope you enjoy!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Sherry

Garnier Ulta Lift Transformer

This is an anti-age skin corrector with SPF 20. It is a medium thick cream that comes out white but turns into a medium dark corrector when applied to your skin. The fragrance is minimum and dissipates pretty quickly. It reminds me of a BB cream although it isn't. I like how it gives a moderate coverage for those days that you want something easy. It also can be used under foundation, letting you use less foundation. I wore it this weekend because I wanted coverage but not all out makeup application. I found also that it is pretty moisturizing and didn't fade as the day wore on.

This is a very new product and I found it at CVS for $16.99.

I like how Garnier is coming out with new products that give high end products a run for their money! Give this a try and let me know what you think. Have a blessed day, Sherry

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask

I have several sleep masks and have done posts on them before. This one was placed in a prominent place at Sephora and because I was there (yep right) I decided to give it a go. I have found that overnight masks work very well and my skin feels so good the next morning. I have several Boscia masks and they are very effective. Boscia is a great product line and this is no different. The first time I used it, it was quite thin, takes time to sink in. It also has a very overwhelming fragrance, so be aware if fragrant products give you problems. It works though! It is very hydrating and my skin didn't break out or feel greasy the next morning. I was impressed. With the winter and the wind, I find that sleeping masks are indulgent and necessary.

It is $34 at

Grab you one and give it a try! Sherry

Benefit Lollitint

I love cream and stain blushes because they stay on longer and powder tends to show my pores and wrinkles. I had the original Benetint back in the day and it was quite runny. This is thicker, creamier and is easier to apply and also gives a bit more time to set. I also love the color, it can be sheer but build up as needed. The older I get the more I need color on my face and this is cheery and right up my alley! I can use it on my lips as well and put a clear gloss over it to not be dry. Benefit really nailed it with this blush/stain and I think it's going to be in use a lot :).

Have you purchased this yet? What do you think about Benefits tints? Would love to know your thoughts! Sherry

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lumavera skincare

Today I received the box containing the winning rafflecopter from from the beautiful Claudia! I am super excited to use these and review them for my blog as my one and only new year resolution was major complete skincare. Check out the website of to check out their skincare and reviews from others.

Be sure to check back with me as I will do a complete review after a thorough usage.

Have a blessed weekend, Sherry.

Modern Muse

I received a sample of Estee Lauder's new perfume about a month ago and loved it. The deciding factor though was that my husband loved it and told me that I need to get it :)! I was browsing in Nordstrom and walked by it 2 times before I asked the salesperson to ring me up. I am not a "one perfume woman", I wear what matches my mood and situation that day. This one grabbed me and became a fast favorite.

Estee Lauder states: "It features a lush blend of rich florals and sleek woods with a contrast of exotic mandarin, jasmine sambic, amber wood and patchouli." It has won Allure magazine "Best of Beauty" award for best new fragrance 2013.

It is $58 for 1oz
$78 for 1.7oz
$98 for 3.4oz

Run quickly my gals and get a sample, try it out and fall in love with the subtle yet lush scent of Modern Muse! Sherry

L'Occitane gift from the hubby :)

My husband has his moments when he spoils me rotten! This set with a gift on the side was it. I was super excited! The main kit came with a large Verbena shower gel, Verbena Bonne Mere soap, Verbena Eau de Toilette and a Verbena gel hand cream. The set is called "Sparkling Verbena Ritual" and it totally is that. The gift with purchase came in an adorable bag with Milk extra-gentle soap, Ultra rich face cream and Dry skin foot cream all from the Shea collection. The aroma is clean, not overwhelming and the gel hand cream absorbs super quick and makes my dry hands so comfortable.

I have always loved L'Occitane products and especially their hand creams. My husband loves their solid soaps, they don't break him out and they smell fresh and clean. This kit will most definitely be used daily and I am super excited every time I get in the shower and use the shower gel.

The stores are beautiful and comforting and there are plenty of products to try and smell and relish. It is an experience in and of itself to visit one!

Have you tried L'Occitane products? What is your favorite? Share your thoughts!!! Sherry

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Leibster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by How exciting and flattering. Thank you so much Keena Lee!

I am new to this so if I mess this up I apologize in advance!!!

The questions:
1) What made you start blogging?
It was just a hobby because I am a makeup junkie and got addicted to Bloglovin :)
2)How do you define beauty?
That inner sparkle, smile, genuine spirit that makes the makeup an afterthought! Makeup to me is showing my personality and unique take on beauty. Beauty is inner as well as outer to me.
3)What in life gives you the satisfaction of happiness?
Yowza! This is a multiple answer: my 3 sons, being a nurse, my faith and making jewelry!
4)What are your favorite cosmetic brands?
IT Cosmetics is number one, NARS, Laura Mercier
5)What kind of post do you like to read most?
Reviews of new products!
6)What is your fashion style?
Bohemian/boho, comfortable
7)What's your favorite OPI nail polish?
Cute Little Vixen
8)What's your favorite Youtuber?
Linda Eldridge
9)What is your dream job/career?
What I am-a nurse
10)What is your beauty holy grail products?
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Red,Guerlain Bronzer #4 Blonde
11)What is your goal for 2014?
Save money!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Blog Hop!!!!

Check out all the awesome women (and men) involved in this awesome blog hop! I am super blessed to be part of this :O Sherry

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hourglass No 28 Lip Treatment Oil

Hourglass says:
This is a lip treatment oil, hydrating, anti-aging. Formulated with a blend of 28 essential oils, plant oils and vitamins, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, synthetic dye free and vegan.

Available from for $42 (yep verrrry pricey)

This time of year has all of us gals reaching for the best thing we can find to help with dry, chapped and cracked lips. Wind, winter heating and lack of humidity leaves the tender thin skinned lips really feeling the pain. I found out about this beauty of a lip treatment when reading the awesome blog First of all if you haven't read her blog, please take a look, she is awesome!!! Secondly, she is a thorough and engaging reviewer of a ton of products with swatches unbelievable! Now on to the Hourglass Lip treatment oil. She did a review and it was very shortly thereafter that I was in Sephora and remembered the post and had to grab one. Yeppers it is very expensive, however my dears in my humble opinion this treatment is worth every penny.

It has a gold plated tip that is great for keeping this product bacteria free. It is cooling on the lips when applied with the applicator and the oil itself is more along the lines of a thin jelly. It is not runny but it does sit on the lips for a few minutes before sinking in and to me it is soothing and hydrating and long lasting. I generally use this before bed as it is more apt to help in the long term and I want to keep it on as long as possible! The push button applicator on the side of the gold plated tip ensures that it doesn't ooze out or have product lost. It dispenses a perfect amount for the single use. I have been using this a lot and it is still dispensing product after 4 months and the winter has seen me use this nightly.

I have heard of some expensive lip products and haven't dared venture there before this luscious lip treatment. I will definitely add this to my re-purchase list!

Have you tried this or heard about it? Hourglass Cosmetics are beautiful and classy. Would you fork out $42 for a lip treatment? Share your thoughts, would love to know!!! Sherry

Jergens BB Body Cream review

If you saw my earlier post you know that I fell hook line and sinker for the new BB body cream by Jergens and purchased this at Target for $11.99. Upon squeezing the tube, a pearlescent pinkish lotion comes out and has that baby powder scent, not at all unpleasant. I smoothed it over freshly shaved legs and clean arms and neck and decollatage . It goes on smoothly and takes a minute to sink in before I could get dressed. Honestly I didn't see any "blurring" really but a pleasant and smooth subtle glow on my skin. I felt like the moisturized feeling only lasted a couple of hours and maybe I am just really dry right now and soaked it all up. It claims to make skin better in just 5 days.

5 visible benefits for more beautiful body skin:
1)Hydrates and smoothes
2)Brightens and illuminates
3)Evens skin tone
4)Visibly firms skin
5)Minimizes the appearance of imperfections

Well I have used it for a week and although feels really great applying and then seeing the very subtle and pretty glow to my skin I have yet to see any changes. As for first impressions, it's ok, not really sure if I will repurchase. I will continue to use this and if I see something really interesting happen, I will be sure and let you know! Sherry

Monday, January 6, 2014

Loreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara Review

First off let me just say that I have almost albino lashes being a blonde. They are pretty long and not bad in the curl department. But as you can see, my eyes look naked without mascara! I love a quick easy eyelash curler then a long lasting mascara that doesn't run down my face or make me look silly.

Well gals, let me tell you this about the Loreal Lash Out Butterfly Mascara. First although the wand is almost triangular with 3 different levels of bristles, it was rather easy to use and the above shows me wearing one coat of mascara! I then wore it on a 12 hour shift and it didn't budge. Now that is something I was worried about because as you can tell from the naked eye picture, my allergies have made my eyes really red and runny. This mascara stayed, although NOT waterproof. It was easy and quick and fanned out my lashes rather well. It was also easy to remove and didn't feel like my lashes were "crunchy" during the day.

All in all, this mascara works pretty well for me and it will be in heavy rotation with the other that I use. You can get this at your local CVS, Walgreens, WalMart, Target etc for about $7.99.

Have any of you gals used this mascara? What are your thoughts? I think I just might possibly repurchase! Sherry

Oldie but still a goodie!

Benefit Bathina silky glimmering body balm
Avail for $30

My very first Benefit product about 15 years ago was not makeup related but body care. I actually saw this in a boutique in San Antonio and once I got a good look at this silky yet softly shimmering body balm I had to have it. Of course this is a few purchases past the original balm buy! It has a very faint perfume scent, not overwhelming and doesn't trigger a migraine for me (that is hugely important!) It goes on with the soft velvet puff and when "buffed" in it leaves the prettiest subtle glow to the skin and makes a great highlighter as well for shoulders, d├ęcolletage and legs. Beautiful for summer and when you are showing a bit more skin. It is NOT a moisturizer but leaves you silky soft and sporting an ethereal glow that unless you see it in person, is hard to translate into film.

Do you like Benefit products? Have you tried Bathina? Have you ever found a product line by trying the body care first? Would love to know your thoughts! Have a blessed day, Sherry

Saturday, January 4, 2014

By popular demand!

After posting about my creative corner and getting comments about some pictures of the earrings I make, I decided to put up a small selection of some of my favorite earrings. Colorful, unique and in some cases big!! I have said before and continue to say that a great pair of earrings, pop of lipstick can hide a multitude of sins by pure misdirection. Yep, your eye is drawn to the beautiful earrings or that pretty lipstick.

Sounds crazy, but think about it, have you ever noticed your girlfriends cute jewelry or bright lipstick or bold brow and not even noticed that fact that she was hiding some acne trouble that week? Yep it works and for me, I like playing the misdirection game eapecially when I am feeling a bit self conscious that day.

Thank you for requesting to see some of the jewelry I have made. Enjoy, Sherry

Friday, January 3, 2014

Dermalogica Precleanse

Let me say right off the bat, this stuff rocks!!! I got my hands on this smaller bottle at Ulta last year. I was having a hard time washing off the remnants of heavy duty sunscreen under my makeup and I was left feeling like I never got my face clean. I was skeptical of using an oil, primarily because on my chin I would get a lovely pimple if I used anything to "greasy", especially in the summer. So I tried this before washing my face like I regularly do. I put some drops in the palm of my dry hands, rub them together and massage onto my face until it becomes kind of milky. Then I wet my hands and continue to massage the oil onto my face. After a minute, I rinse my face with lukewarm water and then proceed to cleanse my face as I usually do.

Not only did this remove all the sunscreen residue, sweat and makeup I had on, but it left my face feeling cleaner and smoother as well as hydrated without undue greasiness (big concern!). I haven't regretted buying this little bottle that has lasted me a year and I am definitely going to be repurchasing!

You can get this at for $9.50 for the travel size like mine or $37 for the large size that I bet will last for years!!! That is my next purchase.

Has anyone tried this, what are your thoughts? Dermalogica has some awesome products and this one is truly needed in my skincare. Thanks for stopping by the blog! Sherry

Lovely win Nuance by Salma Hayak products

L-R: Nuance products
Exfoliating Body Cleansing Scrub
Firming Body Cream with Cocoa and Coffee
Flaxseed Age Therapy Serum
Brightening BB cream with SPF 30 in Medium-Deep
Super Brightening Hand Cream
Anti-aging Super Cream

I was very happy to hear that I had won the rafflecopter for the Nuance products that had on her lovely blog! It was exciting to receive the products with a handwritten note from Aimee. I have bought some Nuance products before from my local CVS, yet none of the ones I received were ones I had previously purchased. I am excited to start trying them out and let ya'll know what I think of some more of these products that Salma Hayak has started with her grandmother as her inspiration for her line. Matter of fact, tonight I opened a brand new bottle of Nuance dual phase makeup remover to use on my eye makeup. I really liked it and was surprised at how gentle it was, not too oily and the dispenser actually doesn't pour out too much (big pet peeve of mine).

So a big thank you to Aimee with Stop by her blog and check her out!

More reviews to come! Sherry

Can you shop at Target without going to the makeup aisle?

I was honestly simply going in to get a few salad makings and some pasta and tried reaaaallllyy hard to slide by the cosmetics area (which is right by the groceries sigh). I had read several posts on the new Jergens Body BB cream and I love me some "blurring" products (hey I am 47!) so this was on an endcap and dang it if I had to try it! So just because that aisle had Pixi I wanted to get my hands on the new Flawless Beauty Primer. Next to lipstick, I can honestly say primers are my next addiction.

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream for all light skin tones) claims:
5 visible benefits for more beautiful body skin in just 5 days.
1) Hydrates and smoothes
2) Brightens and illuminates
3) Evens skin tone
4) Visibly firms skin
5) Minimizes the appearance of imperfections

Yep, how could a girl say no to that I ask ya? I will do a full review after I use this, so please stay tuned!

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer in No 1 Evenskin claims:
Evens skintone, hydrates, keeps makeup fresher longer.
Packed with anti-aging benefits: Vit A and E

I kid you not, I have a minimum of 10 primers in rotation and this will be a cool addition. Again, please stay tuned, I will have a thorough review to come!

So are you able to shop your local stores without venturing into the makeup aisles? Not me :) Sherry

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Loreal Age Perfect Glow Renewal

This winter in Texas has been especially harsh and I have been babying my face like nobodies business! Between wind burn, electric heaters and yep menopause, there are some creams I have tried and loved and this one is one of my favorites. It's hard to get a "glow" without looking greasy sometimes and yet this very thick and velvety cream put on last after my night time cleanse and skincare routine, makes my skin feel so smooth when I wake up. I almost don't have to moisturize in the morning!!! That's how incredible this stuff is.

Enter the deciding factor and that is when my husband asked me one morning over coffee if he should be worried I was preggers (GOD forbid!) because I was "glowing"!! LOL...yep that is testament to how this cream makes my skin look and feel. You can obtain this cream at your local CVS, Walgreens and Walmart for $19.99 and to me it is worth it. A little goes a long way and from the open container picture above I have been using this for almost a month! I have even got some of my family and friends hooked. Not all people like heavy creams even in winter, however if your skin is really dry, flaky or dull, I think this cream is well worth the investment.

Have you tried this yet? How do you get that "skincare" glow especially in winter? Share your thoughts with me would love to know!! Sherry

Bloglovin Blog Hop

Happy Kids, Inc

New SMASH book for the New Year!

I dabble in scrapbooking and putting together memories and pictures, not as much as I make jewelry or read LOL! However, when you get a brand new type of journaling/scrapbooking media all nice and pretty and needing to be broken in, it's gotta be done!!!

So New Year's Eve was spent laying around the house and ordering in (yep Chinese food) and the only reason that I thought of that new journal was that fortune cookie. How appropriate first, that the opening page is a Howdy to the New Year, and secondly that the saying on my fortune was also spot on. Suddenly there was creative juices flowing and it made my heart beat a little faster. I had a big smile on my face and felt like the little kid who gets not the little box of crayons but the jumbo box with the colors I had never had before! Ideas, sparks of notes and pictures and the possibilities are endless and I am excited to keep the SMASHbook going.

Are you a scrapbooker or do you keep an album with your beauty pics? I still believe with all my heart that doing something creative is very therapeutic and relaxing. I plan on making more time this year for this fun and easy way to chill out. Blessings and Beauty to you, Sherry

Let's Be Friends Bloghop

 photo BlogHopButtonFinal_zps99116d5e.png

I am still a newbie blogger and learning so much from this great web classroom. I am joining in blog hops to meet new people and to get my blog out there as well and it has been a blast!

Feel free to wander around the blog and if something catches your fancy please let me know. Also check out the other ladies who are involved with the Bloghop, I have already found a LOT that I am now following.

Have a beautiful, inspiring and peaceful day today! Sherry

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My little creative corner!

I have had this little craft corner for several years now. I have inspiration boards, quotes and tons of jewelry making equipment as well as scrapbooking odds and ends along with fabric and ribbons and oh I think you have the idea! I got hooked on making my own earrings several years ago, that and rings are my jewelry obsessions. Nothing makes an outfit stand out (especially when I am in scrubs at work) then a cute pair of sparkly or unique earrings. I was getting so many comments and compliments on my earrings that I started making them for friends and family and then it jumped to ladies wanting me to make a LOT more and sell them to their friends as well. It was fun and I loved coming up with more unique and creative ideas. But after making 100 pairs a week for a year, I lost the oomph and it became less passionate and creative and then just rote.

I got into my little creative corner this week over the holidays to straighten up, go through and re-arrange and I noticed that I had made 50 necklaces and 20 bracelets and they were just sitting there and I got a little nudge to play in my corner. I still love to make jewelry, I still love to get my hands on a new batch of beads and see what I can come up with. So, there is a spot in my heart that still wants to play and create. You just never know what that corner could hold for me this year!!

Do you have a place that is yours to play and create and be inspired? Even if you get one hour to just let your brain free to come up with your own ideas, then do it!!! I find it is very relaxing and I get a kick when that one pair of earrings just comes together like magic!

Have a beautiful and creative year! Sherry

Joise Maran Argan Matchmaker Complexion Kit

Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation Light-Med
Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation Light-Med
Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Poppy Paradise
100% Pure Argan Oil Light Moisturizer

Available at Limited edition exclusive set for $68.

I was given this as a gift and absolutely love the Josie Maran products that I have tried in the past. I absolutely love her moisturizing cream with SPF, that is one that is daily in summer time.

This kit has all the components necessary for a quick and easy face. The Matchmaker Liquid foundation comes out white and once placed on the hands and to the face turns into a beautiful moisturizing foundation that matches my face. The powder foundation for me I can't use alone as it is too powdery for my taste but sure makes a great setting and touch up through the day. The cheery and beautifully bright cheek gelee gives such a pretty flush without making me look clownish. It's easy to blend and a little goes a long way, cream blushes are so easy and better for my older skin.

Last but not least is that awesome bottle of Argan Oil Light. I found I love the Light version so much better then the full strength. They are both wonderful, but the Light is better for my face whereas the full strength I had bought previously works really well on dryer areas of my body without being too greasy.

Josie Maran products are beautiful, moisturizing and I have come to really get into more natural products over the years for my skincare.

Have you tried any of her products? What do you think about this LE kit? Sherry

Skincare resolution for 2014!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel extra strength formula-14 day challenge pack-for normal/less sensitive skin
Contains ferulic acid and retinol brightening solution

Every year after 40 has seen my body, face and skin change. Some subtle, some not so subtle :). Heat, out in the sun without good sunscreen and just negligence in general didn't help when along came aging, menopause and sunspots, fine lines and even some divots! However, I am blessed I must say with good genes from both sides of my parents and grandparents and I don't have a lot to be to worried about yet. Yes, I started learning about at home peels and about using natural fruit acids and ferulic acids to help turn over the skin cells to get the "fresh" cells to be on the surface of my skin.

Dr. Gross says:
"It uses a patented blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids for younger looking skin with no recovery time. Your looking for an effective way to fight the 3 signs of aging: fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and uneven skin texture. You desire more radiant, glowing skin."

Yeppers, that would be me to a T! I saw this in my local and decided that this year I would be more proactive in prevention as well as maintenance and good healthy skincare in general. This can be used daily for 2 weeks or every other day until you see how your skin reacts. I have used his peel pads before and did them once a week without any sensitivity or redness. I am looking forward to the 14 day challenge and will start probably one every other night until I am sure how my skin will do.

I have never been one to worry about my aging skin really until this year, maybe because I am so much closer to 50?? LOL. But hey, I will never be 47 looking 37 but I am determined to age gracefully, with dignity and lots of fun with skincare!!!

Do you have any skincare resolutions this coming year? Do tell!!! Sherry