Monday, December 17, 2018

Love it or Lose it Round 4 Update

Quite pleased with the amount of products that I used from November 15 to December 15!
Keep reading for the update!

Having become more aware of my collection of makeup and skincare, I have been focusing on using products. The ladies that I am doing this project with in #Geeksandbeauties have given me plenty of food for thought in how I "hoard" and hold on to items that need to be used before they go bad!!! The declutter and consequent donating and tossing out, have been therapeutic and necessary. I am sick that products went to waste because they went bad. However, this last month has been great in the use up of samples and full size products, as well as tossing things that do NOT work for me.

The above pictures show many face, body and perfume finished. Got through a lip treatment (yay me:) as well as sample foils. I was pleasantly surprised at the habit of doing my skincare everyday, so that I could use up things that I wanted to know if they were worth the money in the future. What I mean by habit is, that some days if I am not wearing makeup and forget (or got lazy) to wash my face; using the products helped me to do the basic skincare everyday!

It is satisfying to see some great progress and get into the great habits that this collaboration has helped me with.

Check out the ladies below that are doing this with me!!!

Thank you for your time and hope ya'll have a great week! Sherry

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Makeup Collection Round up and Numbers

I am a part of the Geeks and Beauties group on Facebook and there a lot of panners. They have shown me how to use up what I have and shop my stash. They also have done makeup inventories. Now ladies, I have NEVER done an inventory and was pretty scared to look at actually what I have.
But I did it AFTER I decluttered a LOT. I feel that putting the numbers out there that I will be more accountable in using up and not buying more makeup. So here it goes ya'll.

No judging allowed :).

Foundation........Before declutter 57 After 44
Eyeshadow palettes before 80 after 78
Eyeshadow singles before 30 after 30
Powders/finishers before 19 after 14
Highlighters before20 after 17
Blush before 40 after 32
Bronzer before23 after 15
Eye primers before 9 after 7
Mascara before 33 after 21
Concealers before 22 after 19
Setting sprays before 10 after 8
Eyeliners before 30 after 28
Eyeshadow crayons before 10 after 10
Liquid liners before 9 after 9
Eyebrows before 11 after 11
Face primers before 22 after 14
Lipstick to include gloss, stains, tints, plumpers, collectible, treatments, scrubs, lipliners, palettes, minis, liquid lipstick, lipstick tubes
Before 329 (I know, I know) after 276

Now that I am aware of my numbers and inventory, I will continue to use what I have and have fun with them!! I have not purchased any new makeup (except refills of skincare and things sent to me for review). Now let me tell you that it wasn't easy decluttering products. The majority were stinky, out of date and colors that do NOT suit me. There was a feeling of freedom and also an air of anticipation to use the cool products in my life.

Have you inventoried your makeup? Are you scared to know just how much you have? Do you have a lot of products that you have never touched? Do it, if you are able. It feels good to pull out items that I fell in love with and also get that creative juice flowing again. So, I am going to NOT buy products or collect more that don't get love. It's about addiction and the need to have and the FOMO (which is bs in my opinion because there are duplicates upon duplicates that you haven't touched!) Tell me in the comments your thoughs!

Blessings, Sherry

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trash trippin'- What worked and what didn't

Let's take a trip through my trash and see if there's any gems! I'm not a project panner, however my Geeks and Beauties friends are and I've started being aware of my collection and consumption. Did quite well!

The Nivea in shower body lotion is a lazy way to moisturize my skin every day. The hubs loves it too! Ahava mineral hand cream in Cactus and pink pepper is a favorite of mine. Not greasy, no overpowering scent.Brompton & Langley Orange Bergamot hand cream (a Tuesday morning find) is softly scented and smoothing. Not that exciting. 

Garnier the radiance renewal cleansing gelee is excellent for when I have breakouts. Cleans without stripping my skin. A little goes a long way and this bottle lasted 8 months. Garnier micellar cleansing water waterproof. Yuck ya'll. Stung my eyes and I can't get over that fragrance. Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash is awesome! Finely ground, gentle and although pricey, lasted about 9 months.
Coop raw sauce essence with 100% Acer maple water is divine! Moisturizing, helps other products sink into skin. Expensive but worth every penny! (Found mine at Marshalls)

Laneige bright renew emulsion. Ok, nothing special and not worth the price, to me. May Coop raw sauce essence with 100% Acer maple water. Love this hydrating essence that is a beautiful catalyst for skincare to follow. Expensive but worth every penny. (Found mine at Marshalls!) Lumene bright now But. C BB serum. Brightens, sinks in wonderfully, love to wear before makeup. Sulwhasoo first care activating serum. Preps skin for other products but is drying and tight on my face, too expensive for what it is. Glad it was a sample! 

Now solutions Hyaluronic acid creme, love it love it! Perfect for dry mature faces and dry weather. Not greasy or heavy at all. Dermalogica nightly lip treatment. Basic treatment, not any difference between face creams applied to the area. Too expensive for what it is. Origins Ginzing energy boosting moisturizer. Smells fabulous, gel that sinks in great. Perfect for my summer skin. Mario Badescu aloe, herbs and rosewater facial spray. Holy grail! Inexpensive, effective, and so cooling on my face.

Loccitane Vervaine shower gel. My absolute favorite summer shower gel! Fresh, clean scent and soothing to my skin. Bath and Body Works fragrance mist in Beautiful Day. Very pretty summer scent, a bit strong initially but wears well. Clearly Natural Essence hot flash relief spray with peppermint. Simple and effective. I make my own now😁. 

Last but not least, I finished a small perfume named Sugar Grapefruit. I cannot for the life of me remember the brand name. It has pink grapefruit, orange citrus and warm musk lily. Although scents that are seemingly disparate, these are incredible together and perfect for summer.

Well, that's the extent of my trash to this point. Let me know your thoughts below. 

Have a blessed week, Sherry

Friday, September 14, 2018

#LoveitorLoseit Decluttering Update Round 1

 I was very pleased to have finished two of the three Bath and Body Works roller balls! The White Citrus is not really a favorite and was harder to wear. I did mix all three at one time on different parts of the body and they were a fabulous mix. I am going to use the White Citrus in my oil diffuser   sticks in my bathroom to finish.

 My Moroccan argan dry oil has been used daily and especially at night on my feet. I made a bit of progress, however I will continue to use until gone!

 My Garnier Fall Fight strand saver spray, I have used every single day. It doesn't take much and I have DEFINITELY noticed less hair on my pillow, in the shower drain and even just throughout the day, where I usually find hair on my shirts! This product will be kept and used until the last drop!

 The Pixi Glow O2 oxygen mask is fun to use and I used it once a week amidst my other skincare. However, too be completely honest, I see no difference in the brightness or moisturizing of my face. And the price of this product is just not worth the money in my opinion. I may pass this along to a younger family member that may enjoy trying this product.

 The Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub, hmmm. Ahava products are expensive and most I have tried are worth the money. This scrub has medium grit, which I don't feel exfoliates me well at all. But it's the oil slick that it leaves behind I cannot handle. Even if I do the scrub prior to my body wash, shave etc., the greasy feel it leaves behind is uncomfortable and does NOT rinse off. It smells great, feels great initially and my feet love this scrub and that is the only place I will use it. Unsure as if I will move this along because it really does help my feet.

Because of some serious defcon 5 migraines this last month, I did not wear any makeup other than the lippie. If I did go out, that bit of lip color helped me to look alive lol. I like both of these products and will continue to use them!

This Philosophy no reason to hide instant skin tone perfecting moisturizer with SPF 20 was the only base I would put on if I needed a quick skin evening product. As it got lower in the tube the more it became thick and a bit off. I'm tossing this product but liked it when I used it.

The Dior eyeshadow palette that I featured as one of the products to use, wasn't touched once. I love the colors and will be keeping to use as my migraine health has improved and I am wearing more makeup again.

Thank ya'll for spending a little of your time reading my (very late:) Round One #Loveitorloseit update; To see the other ladies that are involved in this tag, please check out their links below!
Have a blessed one ya'll, Sherry

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Declutter project with a difference

This tag was started by Haffina (her channel is below).The Geeks and Beauties group that I am a member of are doing the tag #loveitorloseit for decluttering. The simple rules are to pick 5-10 items of any type (clothing, accessories, home, beauty etc) use them for a month starting today. The end date with the update will show whether the products you used are keepers (love its) or donate and/or trash (lose its).

This is not your standard declutter in the beauty world; yet it definitely helps to use and remove items from your home! I have chosen 8 products and will give you a brief description of why I chose them!

The Dior Eye Reviver palette is a cool toned beauty. In my experience, Dior shadows are not very pigmented yet I am going to use this and see what looks I can get with it.

Left to right back row:

Organx Morracan/Argan dry oil. Perfect for summer as it isn't greasy and great to use after the shower.

Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Strand Saver. I'm losing hair down the drain and in my brush a LOT. I bought this and forgot about it after using twice. I want to be consistent with use and see if it works.

Pixi Glow O2 oxygen mask. I recieved this as a gift and haven't even tried it yet, so it's a great product for this tag!

Philosophy No Reason to Hide instant skin tone perfecting moisturizer with SPF 20 (whew). I've had this for a couple of years and want to finish using. The pump is great and the product comes out gray but adjusts to my skin. Easy peasy base for a hot summer day.

Left to right front row:

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lipstick on Pomme Girl. Very pretty color for summer and although it says it's matte, it doesn't feel matte to me.

The Bath and Body Works perfume trio I'm counting as one. These are great summer scents that I love to mix and match together. Check my mini review of these on my Instagram page!

Wet N Wild eyeshadow single in Cheeky. I will probably use this as blush more than eyeshadow.

Ahava Softening Butter Salt Scrub. Great for all over in the shower but I'm going to focus on feet, hands, elbows the most.

Here is the list of ladies doing this tag. Hope you go to each of them and see their picks and subscribe to their channels!


Monday, July 16, 2018

What They Don't Tell You About Shoulder Surgery (humorous anecdotes)

Superior Capsular Shoulder Reconstruction and Bicep Tenotomy

That's the fancy name of my surgery that I received July 2, 2018. It all started with a fall on crutches January 18, 2017 at my home and progressed to chronic pain and debility with my right arm. Although I researched  and watched videos of the surgery, nothing can quite prepare you for the actuality of daily life after the surgery!

Let's began with the nerve block that they put into your NECK to numb you for over 24 hours during and after surgery. If I had known I could ask that they do it after I was already under, I would have. That was not an auspicious beginning to the procedure.  And the aftermath of the block is that you have an entire side of your body numbed for quite awhile and when it starts to "wake up" it hurts like hell ya'll. Like snow cold fingers times 100 coming back to life!

Of course the surgery can be done laparoscopically  and may be 3 insertion sites in your shoulder. Nope I came out with 8 holes and a plethora of stitches. Ok, I can deal. Until, when you are coming to in the PACU, that they place that sling of death, that you MUST wear at all times unless showering. There is no instruction manual on how to wear the thing and you are too groggy to remember any instructions whatsoever. YouTube videos were my educational research and now I can safely say, I'm a pro at this thing. (Well sort of).

Let's move on to the activities of daily living, the most basic of self care; that you now must do one handed AND with the non-dominant hand. Brushing my teeth left handed was awkward but quickly learned. Toilet duties were AWFUL. Washing my hair in the shower was miserable, not counting that I had to style said hair after the shower. I had to get an electric razor for my legs as ya'll it's hotter than hades here in Texas and I am not about to walk out with stubbly legs (well didn't care the first week).

One handed makeup was so not working and I will try again later, because I can't be bothered at the moment. Throw on a lippie and out the door. If I attempted mascara with my left hand I would probably have to have eye surgery to repair the self injury *sigh. Clothing you ask?? I am unable to wear a bra, because I can't get the dang thing on; so I'm wearing big loose t-shirts that cover and wear with the sling. Such a lovely sight I am. You have to bend over, hang your bad arm down, and slowly pull the arm hole up and the head hole over and then slowly put your other arm in and swoop it on and stand straight. Sounds easy? Ha! And the toilet duties? Ever tried to pull down or pull up your panties one handed? The side you are attempting to bring up will always roll and you have to wiggle around to get it all together. My nightdresses always FEEL like they are down but alas, look in the mirror ladies because that picture of the dress caught in the panties look? EVERY. STINKING. TIME.

I'm here to tell you, that I have lost 5.5 pounds from not being able to eat with my right hand! So this is a PLUS lol. Watching the hubby do the laundry is TORTUOUS, seeing him cook dinner and leaving the kitchen stacked with dishes is driving my OCD bonkers. But at least he's trying, bless his heart. Having someone to tie my tennis shoes so I can walk with my neighbor to continue this losing weight thing, makes me feel like a kindergartner!

I've been sleeping on the couch because it supports me best, and have a comfy spot to read, do daily paperwork etc. The hubby has threatened to move the couch in the bedroom because he can't sleep well without me (his obnoxious snoring says otherwise :).

There is only one other thing that is probably the WORST problem I have, (besides constipation from the narcs), my hair. Specifically, it's past my shoulders and I would love to throw it up in a clip to let air to my neck. There is NO throwing of any hair into a clip and trying to do it one handed well, let's just say I am possibly going to get an emergency cut today. There might be a market for those of us who are rendered armless temporarily or permanently, that will help you get your hair up if you don't have a ready helper! Any suggestions ya'll? Because again, my hubby tried, bless his heart.

Hope you enjoyed this light hearted whine about my shoulder surgery! Tomorrow is first post-op visit with possible stitch removal and that does NOT sound good at all *sigh.

Love ya, Bye
Sherry P

Monday, July 9, 2018

Juicy Lips from Stains

There's something about lips that look like you just ate a berry popsicle! Fresh, bright and a little sheer. I reached into my stain drawer this morning because I was feeling the summer berry look and decided to pull out the ones that have been staples and become favorites! Keep reading and I will break them down for you.

MUA Lip stain (doesn't look like CVS carries these stains anymore)

Rose, Coral and Wine. These are pretty sheer but pigmented enough to leave a pretty stain that look like you didn't even try that hard! Portable and simple.

ELF Aqua Beauty Radiant Gel Lip Stain $1.29 on ELF website

Rouge Radiance and Dewy Berry
I reach for these the most! They are light but pack a pigment punch. Staying power is pretty amazing and super easy to take with you.

The Balm Stainiac  in Beauty Queen $17 Kohl's
Ulta Lip Gloss Stain in Treason $9 Ulta
Lipstick Queen Saint and Sinner Lip Tint in Deep Red Ulta or website (may have been LE)

The Ulta and Lipstick Queen stains are a bit thicker but sheer out and leave a fantastic stain. The Balm Stainiac can be used for lips or cheeks (reminiscent of Benefit).

MAC Versicolor Stain in Constant Craving $12.60 MAC
Bliss Long Glossed serum infused stain in Love $24 Kohl's and Amazon
LUSH Glossy Stain by Style Essentials found at Marshall's

The MAC is a thicker gel formula with impactful pigmentation ya'll! Lasts for frickin ever! The Bliss is also thicker with a pigment punch, but wears down a bit quicker. LUSH can be found at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Five Below and for their inexpensive price, these stains actually hold their own against the more expensive ones!

Swatches are in order of the mini reviews going left to right in the pictures, on down!

So give me all the berry lips and popsicle juiciness for the ease and longevity that a hot summer day requires!! Let me know what kind of stains, tints or long lasting lippies you like!

Blessings, Sherry