Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Magic Razorless Cream Shave

I may have been blonder in my youth, and now although dirty blonde I still am one hairy woman. Arms, legs and face (sigh). I have a thick fuzz on my jawline and "shudder upper lip. Now unless someone is looking really closely or I am in full on sunlight, you really can't see the "fuzz". But I CAN!! Also, when applying foundation I have to be careful to stroke down to make sure the fuzz lays flat. So I have used Nair for years. Nair though can burn the tar outta me and that lovely red, scaly side effect sucks.

I was wandering Walgreens and saw this on the clearance endcap and thought why not! It freakin' worked! It isn't as harsh as Nair and works just as effectively and is soooo much less expensive. I panicked though because it was clearenced thinking it probably is discontinued, but after researching and shopping found it at WalMart, Albertsons and other stores and it is only 4 bucks at most places. It is a bigger tube than Nair and lasts so long.

I thought seriously about shaving my face but couldn't bring myself to have stubble. This is my new favorite and even the hubby tried it and was impressed. If you have serious fuzz and want to try something different, grab this and try it, I think you will impressed! Don't forget to patch test first (the nurse in me had to say that ").

Do you have a favorite hair remover?

Blessings, Sherry

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Products

I have read tons of reviews on the concealer and purchased it first and fell in love with the product (I am super picky about my undereye concealer). The sponge is easy to use, places the product right where I want it and isn't too heavy and hasn't creased on me! So off to the store to purchase the foundation. It is also easy to use, light coverage and of course works dang well with the concealer. Throw into a purse for simple touch-ups on the go. I actually am impressed with the products and because you don't need a lot, this should last for quite some time.

A budget brand with great products is right up my alley and these are just right. What are your thoughts? Do you like convenient products like this? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

Blessings, Sherry

Saturday, January 2, 2016

GlamGlow Thirsty Cleanse Cleanser

I am always looking for great cleansers and don't want to dry out my face more than menopause has!! I purchased this from Sephora to give myself options to cleanse. First you need verrryyy little to clean your face, second it suds up seriously (for those that love their suds:), third, it has a very unique smell to it (it doesn't bother my migraines). I really liked this product. It definitely leaves you squeaky clean but not dried out. The bottle will last for quite a long time as you need one little pump.

I have used the GlamGlow masks and this is reminiscent of those. Not sure that I would repurchase as there are several drugstore options that I feel are dupes but will enjoy using it in the meantime. It really does leave a moisture barrier behind as this is the product claim. GlamGlow has definitely expanded their product line but they all are very similar.

Have you tried the new GlamGlow products? What are your thoughts?

Blessings, Sherry

Sephora Oil in Tint Stain

Yeppers, we ALL know I am a lippie junkie and when YSL came out with their oil tints I was able to purchase one. However, the price kinda put me off. Sephora came out with this version and I had to try it!

It is silky, has some beautiful color payoff, lasts for about 3 hours on me. The price is manageable to be able to purchase multiple colors. It is definitely drying though and my 49 year old lips can tell it immediately. I have to place balm on top to keep from having it bleed into my fine lines. It's another great pocket lippie and as long as I have balm around, I will continue to use these!

Short, sweet and to the point. Have you tried these?

Blessings, Sherry