Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lipstick Queen does summer right!

Swatch from bottom:
Jungle Queen

I love summer colors as I can get away with lighter and brighter. The orange red lippies are on trend right now and Lipstick Queen nailed it! These go on smoothly and are fairly hydrating, however, they take a couple of swipes to get really good color payoff. Although they look similar, they are different on my lips. I also love the green and orange tube colors and they are very easy to find in my purse!

I have several Lipstick Queen lipsticks and have never been disappointed. Because these are not in your face oranges, they are easy to wear and look good with a variety of outfits and have gotten compliments from several people when I wore them. You can get these at Ulta and if you aren't in to the oranges, they have a wide variety of reds, nudes and plums.

Have you tried Lipstick Queen? What are your favorite colors? Do tell! Sherry

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dillards Beauty Event Haul

My local Dillards had a beauty event and that was incentive enough to go and hang out with some of the awesome ladies at the counters. MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins, Lancôme had some great sales and samples. It was fun to talk about new products and get samples for things like the Clarins Glow Booster drops for face. I am always wary of anything that tans my face because of dark spots on my face and the oompa loompa fear! They gave me a generous sample to try it out. I will definitely do a post on my experience with the product.

The pictures of the counters were devoid of customers as I am still not sure if I can show people on my blog. I am still learning the ins and outs of blogging etiquette :)! I was excited with each of my purchases and GWP from Lancôme. I will definitely do a post on the products that I bought so stay tuned for that!

Did your Dillards have a beauty event? Did you go? Do tell!!! Sherry

Blogging Inspiration

I look for inspiration in many different places. As a jewelry creator I have multiple magazines that I routinely devour for ideas and patterns to make the earrings, necklaces and bracelets that I make. The same company that puts out those magazines also puts out a magazine called "Artful Blogger". It is chock full of ideas and stories of others that blog. It is available at Barnes and Noble. Yes it is $15 but it is one of those magazines that you can go back to again and again. The company who makes it is Stampington and Company.

I also bought a copy of "Bloggers for Dummies". After browsing through the book, I immediately noticed that there were many chapters that were relevant and helpful to learn blogging and help me as I am still learning!

The third book I purchased is "Blogging for Creatives" by Robin Houghton and it too has chapters that are chock full of information that I know will help me to be a better blogger!

On my Nook I have "Blog Inc. Blogging for Passion, Profit and to Create Community" by Joy Deangdeelart Cho and "Everything but the Posts, Tips, Advice and Templates from a Blogger Who has Been in Your Shoes" by Becca Ludlum.

I love to learn, love to read and just like in my nursing career I am required to do continuing education for my license. No different in my mind with blogging. The more information and advice that I obtain, the better blogger I will be. And it's exciting!

What does your blogging education look like? Do you have a book you would like to recommend? Would love to hear your thoughts! Sherry

Bare Minerals Destination Glow

Includes Mini Beach tote :) and the Flawless Waterproof Mascara in Black

Swatches from bottom:
Loud and Clear Lip Sheen in Magenta Vibe-sheer pinky plum
5 in 1 Advanced BB Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Soft Linen-creamy tan-white
Riviera EyeColor in Sunbaked Bronze-shimmery bronze
Faux Tan Matte all over face color

Avail Ulta for $39

The Destination Glow set from Bareminerals is summer and tropical feel at its best! The colors are sheer with that gorgeous bronze summer feel along with the pop of Magenta Vibe pinky plum color. It would make a great graduation present for that special daughter, niece or friend! I was unable to really use the Bareminerals mineral foundations as I tend to have dry skin and I also have lovely blonde peach fuzz that shows up any kind of mineral powder. But the other products in their line, LOVE them!

The eyeshadow mineral is buttery smooth and looks absolutely gorgeous on, the shimmer is not overwhelming. I also used the 5 in 1 BB cream eyeshadow in Soft Linen as a base and it works wonderful, doesn't crease and has some impressive staying power. The all over face color Faux Tan matte is incredible. It goes on sheer, non-orange and is matte for great contouring. I have certain bronzers I use for that sheer shimmer so to have a beautiful matte bronzer is sweet! The Flawless waterproof mascara is perfect for those sweaty summer days and nights and stayed put until I took it off. The Loud and Clear lip sheen is definitely more lip balm than all out color and is sheer for daytime use and works for either over or under another lippie.

All in all Bareminerals have some beautiful sets that put together some of their most loved products and each kit has a different theme. With summer arriving this kit will be well loved and used.

Are you a fan of Bareminerals? Have you tried any of their curated product sets? Do tell!!! Sherry

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Networking Saturday Linkup

Networking Saturday; Free to Promote Your Shop, Social Sites, or Blog 13 is hosting a Networking Saturday-Free to promote your shop, social sites or blog 13 on her beautiful blog today! Take advantage ladies and get to know other bloggers out there.

The main rule is that your content that you link up is family friendly and that you follow the people who follow you as that what networking is all about!

Have a happy Saturday and a blessed weekend! Sherry

Friday, May 23, 2014

MAC Alluring Acquatic Lipstick Giveaway

The beautiful and talented Aqeela from Diary of A Makeup Geek is having a fabulous giveaway for the MAC Alluring Acquatic lipstick in "Mystical". As we all know when MAC has a popular limited edition line that is gorgeous and lustworthy, it tends to sell like hotcakes. So I had to be sure and hop on the bandwagon and get in on her contest.

Ladies head on over to her blog and check out her great posts, superb pictures and product reviews, looks and tutorials. She is also a MUA and I draw some inspiration from her, especially stepping outside of my comfort zone! Good luck to us all :) Sherry

Get your antioxidants ladies!!!

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Vitality Facial Serum

Vitamin C and antioxidants have been buzz words in the beauty industry for quite some time now. I for one, love having certain products address certain issues with my aging and menopausal skin. This brand is in many grocery, drug and big supermarket chains. I decided some time back that having a serum that was Vitamin C intensive was a really good idea to help protect and prevent free radical damage to my skin. I live in hot Texas and the sun is strong and can damage me quickly.

Avalon Organics Vitamin C says: Anti-oxidant Intensive treatment stimulates cellular renewal and provides Photo- Aging Defense. Along with a really good sunscreen and using this twice a day, I have noticed that my skin feels smoother and not as patchy. This product also is made with organic ingredients. As with any Vitamin C serum there is a possibility of redness and stinging as a side effect. I have noticed some redness, however I am red most all the time. I have not experienced any flushing or tingling. The serum is white and thicker than most serums, smells like oranges and absorbs into my skin quickly.

Have you tried any Vitamin C serums? Do you plan for free radical and photo-aging in your skincare? I do know that over 40 gals would benefit greatly for adding this to your skincare routine. I am not a doctor, dermatologist or skincare specialist, I only give my experience and product testing reviews along with lots of information seeking!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope you have a blessed week! Sherry

Friday, May 16, 2014

FOTD quickie

Products used:
Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF 20 in Medium
Lancôme Star Bronzer Intense All Over Magic Bronzing Brush.IT Cosmetics Duo-concealer/highlighter
IT Cosmetics Mascara
Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick in Raspberry Rush (a teeth whitening lippie formula!)

There are days such as today that I had multiple errands to run while not feeling well and just needed to put together something really fast so that I didn't look like death warmed over. I had not used the Miracle Skin Transformer yet and as I have been reaching for multi-use CC creams this one looked promising. It says it is 5 in 1 product designed to Hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify and protect skin in one simple step. It did absolutely that and was simple to apply with my fingers, blended well and covered the dull face I was sporting! I then concealed and brightened up the dark icky circles , curled my lashes, threw a coat of mascara on and then used my brand new Lancôme Bronzer brush. This bronzer is just enough to warm up my face and has a little shimmer to help brighten as well. I used a couple of dots of the Revlon Skinlights on the inner corners of my eyes, my brow bone and a tap in the middle of my eyelids to wake up my face. I then applied a bright lippie as that will do more for my face than just about everything together! I had my brand new Clinique Raspberry Rush and it applies like a dream and anything that says it helps to whiten teeth and makes smiles brighter is absolutely fine with me!

This was a 5 minute face that got me out the door and at least I could fake looking well even though I didn't actually FEEL well, sigh. My husband actually told me that I looked like I was feeling better, aaahhh the power of makeup to help give the appearance a much needed lift. I was pleasantly surprised that the Miracle Skin Transformer lasted 12 hours and only the 90 degree heat today and my hot flashes gave me that Southern Menopausal Woman Dewy look. It's a thing to be sure and nothing a little translucent setting powder didn't help.

So ladies, the power of a few products applied even hastily makes a difference to be sure. Yes I have gone barefaced lots of places, but today my vanity was taking a hit as I knew I looked ill and needed to change that perception and it actually lifted my spirits as well. Do you like the ability to have makeup to transform even the most basic of looks? I know if you are a makeup junkie like I am that you probably have your own story of that quickie FOTD that really made a difference. DO share!! Blessings, Sherry

Miracle Product #JosieMaran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream

Ok so I have a little story that begins with me chemically burning the left side of my back/buttock with Tiger Balm and Icy Hot patches. Yeah so I threw my back out and couldn't move and was in some paaaiiinnn. I was going to do whatever it took to get out of pain and still be able to function. Thus the icy hot patches and Tiger Balm. Well I didn't notice that I got an almost second degree burn on my buttock until after about 4 days of this. THEN, oh lawdy ladies it was bright red, scaly and peeling like a sunburn. I tried antibiotic ointment, some burn ointment and no dice. It wasn't healing and it was awful!

Well one night I put the beautiful and light as air Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Cream on my hands and thought, "hey why not rub this all over the area and see what happens". Lo and behold after the second time of slathering this on my poor fried buttock, it was starting to heal like nobodies business. The scaliness was GONE, the redness was pink and the pain was outta there!!! I have since decided that this argan oil business works like nobodies business for severely dried out and fried skin. Trust me when I say a fried buttock ain't no fun for nobody!

Well, I can tell you that this will be a staple in my life and I have proof positive that this Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream is da bomb and it WORKS. So go get ya some at your local Sephora or check out her website. There is so much more she does with her makeup and body products and I can tell you , you won't be disappointed!

Thanks Josie Maran! Have any of you gals used this? Tell me your stories of how it worked for you! Blessings, Sherry

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Howdy ya'll!

I thank each and every one of ya'll that are following the blog! It has been nice to get some posts out there that makes me happy and also to hear back from you ladies as well. I am still learning so much about blogging and am excited to put into action some of the things I have learned.

My next post will be outlining the awesome night that was the Dillard's Beauty Event this last Saturday. The Lancôme, Clarins and MAC counters super starred in this evening let me tell ya! I have several new products that I have picked up that am currently testing and wearing and will be doing posts on soon.

Please stay tuned for more exciting and visually stimulating as well as product worthy updates! Again, thanks to ya'll ladies for hanging in with me! Blessings, Sherry

If I had unlimited funds......

Pictures obtained from the websites:

There are certain skincare lines that make me drool over their packaging, scientific research and rave reviews. These lines are very pricey and yet hold an allure that beckons me to keep wishing to obtain them. I have had the privilege to get samples from L'Occitane and fell in love with the Divine and Precious lines. I have seen and touched and smelled the La Prairie products at Neiman Marcus and just dream of getting my hands on them. One of these days, well maybe!

Is there a brand that just screams out for you? Have you been able to get your hands on either of these lines and what advice would you give me on where to start? Would love to hear your opinions :). I hold out hope with my fingers crossed.

I do know that there are LOTS of less expensive brands that work very well for me. It is probably the allure of the unknown that draws me, but I will keep that wishlist happening! Have a blessed one, Sherry

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lancome Visionanaire 1 Minute Blur Smoothing Skincare Instant Perfector

That name is really long! Lancôme has been a large part of my skincare lately and when this came out I obsessively read reviews and swatched it multiple times. I was kind of concerned that the cost was so exhorbitant in relation to its small size. Yet, I had to get it and give it a go, as we over 40 women tend to look for any "blurring" or smoother products. Ok maybe just me!!

It feels really smooth and has that silicone slip to it, the Lancôme fragrance (that definitely can be overwhelming) and doesn't take a lot to cover the face. It has a definite smoothing effect and under my eyes and around my nose on my cheeks I see the "blurring" effect on my pores. I didn't feel like it made my makeup last any longer but it certainly helped it to go on quite well. Overall I like it and although I am not sure I will repurchase because I have found some drugstore "blurring" products that work just as well, without the overwhelming fragrance.

Have you tried the Lancôme Visionnaire? Thoughts? Sherry

Friday, May 9, 2014

Brightside Beauty Blog Hop

Meet Me on the Brightside

The weekend is here! Join the blog hop and get to know new and re-introduced blogs for your weekend reading. I love finding new blogs and getting to know the great ladies in the world wide web :).

I hope you have a great and blessed weekend ladies! Sherry

Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede

Color #005 Rose

I am always on the lookout for lippies that have staying power. My mother and aunt had purchased this product and loved it. So being the lippie addict that I am, I purchased one to try in the beautiful spring color Rose. This goes on easily and pretty moisturizing along with a great color payoff. However, after about 30 minutes it does get pretty drying on the lips, although the color stays well. A bit of a gloss over the lips and it quickly becomes comfortable to wear again. It fades evenly and leaves a pretty tint behind. Lippies don't last on me very long, even the ones that claim to stay put. This one had a wear time of 4 hours for me and even with eating and drinking left a pretty color on my lips.

All in all I like the color payoff and the even fading that leaves a pretty tint. These come in a beautiful selection of colors from brights to nudes and are available most everywhere! They are inexpensive, easy to obtain and bottom line if lippies stay on for you, then these are the ticket!

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? Have a blessed day! Sherry

MAC Pro Longwear Eye Liner

Top to bottom:
Lord it Up-brown
Snow Shadow-purple

As many of you know this past year has been the first time I have ever bought any MAC products and I have to say that the experience has been interesting! I feel that their foundations are too drying and matte for me and although the samples felt good going on, I couldn't make it work for me. Lippies as you are aware are my serious addiction and I have as of yet not purchased any famed MAC lippies! Eyeliners are easy and quick way to make up an eye in the morning when I am in a hurry and although I have always been partial to Urban Decay liners I thought I would give MAC a whirl. I was very very pleased. These are some creamy and super long lasting eyeliners and the 3 colors I chose are colors that work really well with my hazel eyes and the older I get the softer definition works for me as well!

So that foray into MAC cosmetics has been quite a treat and there are some other products that have caught my eye. I will be happily swatching at the nearest MAC counter! Sherry

Monday, May 5, 2014

Makeup Monday Linky Party

Makeup Monday

The beautiful Maria from is hosting a link up. Check out her blog and the lovely ladies that are participating. It is always fun to find new blogs and re-acquaint with ones you already know about!

Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day! Sherry

Saturday, May 3, 2014

La Roche Posay protection for lake day with a side of Shiseido

La Roche Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50
La Roche Posay Anthelios Daily Anti-Aging Primer with SPF 50
Shiseido UV Protective Compact Foundation (Powder) SPF 36

It is 90 degrees here in Texas today and after taking care of some necessary errands and getting laundry started, my husband needed me to take him to a small creek nearby. He had been working on the boat motor and a test run was in order. My three go to products for hot and sunny days are the Anthelios line of La Roche Posay and the Shiseido powder foundation compact. One is the very smooth and effective primer that helps to set any makeup I may wear when I am just doing weekend running. It is somewhat dry coming out of the bottle but smooths easily, minimal fragrance and has excellent SPF 50. I then top that with the liquid Mineral tinted sunscreen with an SPF 50. This liquid tinted sunscreen is excellent for medium coverage, great sun protection and really works well even when sweating! If by chance I want to "touch up" my face, then the final product is the Shiseido powder foundation in a beautiful compact. It is sturdy and also houses a sponge applicator to use in the t-zone that combats shine effectively.

As with any SPF products, especially the Anthelios line, it is necessary to use a cleansing oil to cut through the product to thoroughly clean your face.

I am very diligent in protecting my skin as I have hyperpigmentation on the left side of my face from too much sun exposure without sunscreen for so many of my younger years, as well as a family history of skin cancer. These products appeal to my vanity :) as well providing much needed protection from the Texas sun.

You can find La Roche Posay at Ulta, Sephora, CVS and Walgreens. The Shiseido compact I purchased at Dillards.

What do you use to protect yourself from harsh sunlight? Do you use the new products that combine awesome SPF with some makeup coverage?

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Spring Blush love

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Always Cherry
Makeup For Ever HD Blush in #410 (peachy color)

Other than a beautiful pop of color on my lips, blush is the second easiest way to brighten up my face. I have had the pleasure of trying many different types of blush through the years and the older I get the more I tend to try creamy blushes that are slightly dewy and blend easily. I was pleasantly surprised that the MUFE HD blush was so creamy and really lends a bright dewy look on my face. As you can see from the swatch it does come out quite pretty and bright and can be built up and toned down quite easily! The Josie Maran Argan Oil blush was a lot harder to get color on my cheeks and felt like it took a long time to dry down, it also tends to make my foundation "move" if not careful. I have read articles about putting on blush first then foundation and this blush may be the type I do that with. It looks absolutely stunning on the lips though and may be used by me, there more :).

Both of these products can be found at They have multiple colors and can be readily swatched in the stores, so swing by and have a look to see what speaks to you! Do tell your thoughts on these blushes. Have you tried either of these? Have a great week girls! Sherry

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primers

IN: Perfecting, Ultra Light and Illuminating

WalMart has quite the selection of Hard Candy products and over the years I have chosen a few products from their line as it feels geared to the younger ladies. However, they do have some awesome mascaras, blushes and primers. Primers are an addiction, as I have found that my face feels and looks so much better when I use them. My makeup lasts longer, which is a HIGE deal with hot flashes and general hot natured self. Many brands are coming out with different colored primers and correction sticks etc. that help with different problems with the face.

The Perfecting primer states that it minimizes lines and pores for a smooth finish. I have found that it indeed has a "blurring" effect and fills in the pores on my cheeks. The Ultra Light states that it prolongs makeup wear and evens skin tone. I do know that it prolongs makeup wear but do not see evidence of evening my skin tone, however; I do have variables on my face that are not easy to correct! The Illuminating states that it brightens dull skin and I can say that it does with its lavender hue to correct that dull look. It is not glittery or shiny.

All of these primers have a silicone feel to them and if too much is used, they tend to pill on the face. They do have quite the in your face fragrance when first put on and it bothered my migraine trigger pretty badly for the first 15 minutes of wear and then dissipated. If you are looking for a budget friendly option these are quite good.

Primers are becoming more widely available and there are options from drugstore to high end to choose from. I love having the wide variety to pick from and it is quite surprising that some of the options are so good for the price point! What are some of your favorite primers? Have you tried the Hard Candy options? Do tell ladies! Sherry