Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I was very fortunate to win a tin of Steamcream from the awesome blog that is The absolutely sweet Shalunya has become an internet friend that I am so happy to have met and gotten to know. Her blog is on hiatus as she is dealing with some personal issues and I miss her and wish her well!

I have not had the pleasure to try Steamcream until now and I can tell you this stuff rocks! I went to their website to get the full backstory on how they use steam to seal in the cream and make it so fluffy. Check this website out as you will not only find the story of their product but you will be able to see so many different cute tins as well as different scents. I have a wishlist of what I want to purchase after I use this one.

As a nurse I am used to washing my hands a gazillion times a day it seems and I have a few favorite hand lotions that stay with me. They can't be too greasy as I am constantly having to open and close meds, touch patients and I need something to sink in and work quick. Steamcream ticks all those boxes! Besides it is really cute and gets lots of comments when I get it out to use it.

Thank you Shalunya for the giveaway and thanks to Steamcream. Sherry

Manomai Around the Clock Facial Serum

I had the pleasure to win a giveaway from Mary at She had the brand Manomai which uses your specific blood type with a serum to match. It is based on the "Eat right for your Type" diet and has specific ingredients in the serum that correspond to your blood type. The information is quite interesting and I remember seeing this diet quite some time back. I know that some of my diabetic patients have done really well with this type of diet.

Manomai means: mano-mind/spirit, mai-succeed. Succeed through mind and spirit is the approach the company has towards skincare. They say this about the serum: "This light restorative night and day serum keeps skin soft, supple and hydrated, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." Who doesn't want that!!! The ingredients are all natural and not tested on animals: -certified organic argan oil, -olive oil, -jojoba oil,-shea butter, -vitamin E. Each serum has specific ingredients tailored to your blood type.

A- Malt and Green Tea Extract, Cherry Extract
AB- Cucumber and Cherry Extract
B-Shitake Mushroom, Green Tea Extract
O-Seaweed and Guava Leaf Extract

The serum is very light with a faint medicinal smell, absorbs quickly and I have found that it works beautifully in the morning under makeup. I have only been using it a little over a week and I like how my skin feels, it will take a little longer for me to see if there is any long term effects on my fine lines!

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is directly nourished by the blood. Makes a lot of sense and when I look at my skincare from this premise I have some information to work with. Do check out their website and if you like organic and cruelty free products as well as working specifically with your blood type then you may be very interested in this line.

Thank you Mary for the giveaway. Check her blog out ladies, she has a blog that I love to read. Do check out the website for the Manomai product and let me know if you get the serum and how it works for you! Sherry

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aviva Hair Revitalizer Supplement

Item provided for review by

What woman doesn't want thicker, stronger, healthier hair? I sure do and was delighted when this product was sent to me for review. I have ultra fine hair that does grow pretty rapidly, yet isn't very strong. I tend to have to use lots of hair product to "tame" it. This supplement by Aviva is specially formulated for advanced hair growth as well as helping to have longer, stronger, thicker beautiful looking hair. It is 100% drug free and has extra-strength dual complex of PENTAPLEX HGF and TETRA HHL made with active-all-natural ingredients in a fish free softgel that is easy to take and odorless, A must have supplement for your beauty routine. AVIVA provides the valuable nutrition that supports hair regeneration. It is scientifically formulated hair revitalizer that stimulates your own natural hair growth cycle 6 mm beneath the scalp surface, enriching and enhancing for stronger, thicker and beautiful looking hair.

I have begun to take it daily and am looking forward to seeing how it helps with my hair. The older I get the more I like the ability to aid my hair, nails and skin with natural and internal products that help with the overall health that shines on the outside!

If you would like to try AVIVA use code AVIVAbstat14 to receive a 20% discount and free shipping on a 30-day supply product purchase of AVIVA Hair Revitalizer at

Check out their website, I was impressed with the testimonials and before and after pictures. Makes me excited to see just how this will work for me! Ladies have a great week and let me know what you think, Sherry

Traveling light

I had a little break from blog posting this last week as I was traveling to see my family in San Antonio and go to a ladies retreat. It was a relaxing and much needed get away. I noticed that where as I usually do a full face of makeup most all the time, while I was away, I was bare minimum fresh faced. It felt really good to just put on sunscreen tinted moisturizer, mascara, a pop of blush and great lip color. Sometimes that is necessary and just so good for my face to breathe and so easy to clean.

Not only did I get a little physical break from work, but I got a spiritual refresher which is the basis for good mental health for me. I love being able to see my family as well and had great fun with my mom, sister and aunt at the retreat laughing so much!

I was excited to see that I have new followers of my blog and thank each of you for following along this journey! I hope you enjoy the week to come and take some time to relax and be good to yourself! Thanks for stopping by, Sherry

Nightly sleep rituals with HSN and Boscia Masks

HSN has a great blog post on nightly rituals; please click on this link to read Carly's "4 overnight products you should be using". Great blog article and ideas:

I love sleep mask products! The Korres Greek Yoghurt Sleep Mask was one of the first I tried and I absolutely loved it. I used it to the last drop and decided to try something different. As I have tried the different offerings of Boscia masks, this looked promising. Last night I decided to use it prior to bedtime because my face was super dry after using Nair to remove all my heavy peach fuzz :). After cleaning my face really well and using my nightly serum, I opened the tube and applied. First let me warn you this has a STRONG fragrance of roses. I suffer with severe migraines and strong smells are a trigger so I was kind of scared to really use this. It is creamy white and medium thick. It spreads on nicely, takes quite some time to sink into the skin from the initial application and feels a bit greasy. However it is a sleeping mask so I expect it would take some time to really sink in and that is why the night is perfect to allow the mask to work.

Fortunately for me, the stout rose smell does dissipate quite rapidly and I didn't feel I would be in danger of triggering a migraine. The second thing was when I woke up my face was super soft and the greasy feel was gone leaving behind skin that felt properly plump. All in all I like the way this mask made my skin feel. The fragrance makes me a bit tentative to use again, so I am weighing the pros and cons as to wether I will use this again.

Boscia knows their masks and I am pleased with the ones I have tried. If I was to compare sleeping masks, I would have to say the Korres mask feels, smells and works better for me. The cleansing, detoxing and moisturizing masks that Boscia has are still staples in my skincare routine.

Have you jumped on the sleeping mask bandwagon? What are your favorites? Do you have any nighttime rituals that you do? Please tell! Sherry

Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream

The Sephora VIB sale and 15% coupon along with the very cute wristlet was too much to pass up and away to my playground I went! After much research, reading reviews and going to the website, I really wanted to try the new CC cream with an incredible amount of anti-aging goodies included.

Here is what they claim: Anti-aging treatment, sunscreen (SPF 30), complexion corrector, moisturizer and tint in one. With Arbutin and Camu Camu, an Amazonian Superfruit that has 30 times the Vitamin C of an average orange. Vit C helps improve collagen creating the appearance of firmer, brighter, younger looking skin over time, Vit C and Arbutin also help even out the appearance of skin tone. Tinted complexion corrector instantly minimizes the look of imperfections. Broad spectrum SPF 30 protects skin from the suns harmful rays. Anti-oxidants vitamins C and E help fight free radical attack and keep skin healthy looking.

Most of us are aware of the necessity of anitoxidants in our skincare, especially for those of us over 40. The Camu Camu is certainly effective along with the Vit E and after continuing the research I felt this might be a great CC cream to help with my skin over time. As for the cream itself, I got the light-medium as they really do run quite dark in the color choices of which there are only 3. Light-medium, Medium and Dark. It covers quite well, blends out smoothly; however, it is dry. I really have to moisturize really well prior to applying. I think it is probably the sunscreen components Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. I am definitely into protecting my skin with sunscreen and don't knock that at all, just be sure you are really moisturized first! There is a little bit of a medicinal smell to the cream but dissipates rapidly. I wore this CC cream for a full day and it didn't oxidize or feel heavy on my face. It is thicker than other CC Creams I have tried, but it has a bit more coverage than most as well.

All in all, I like it. It doesn't take a lot to cover my face and this 50ml tube should last quite a while, at $48 a tube it feels worth the money. I have not been disappointed with Peter Thomas Roth products as I use the skincare part of his line the most. The CC cream is a new addition to this line and he had to get on board the alphabet soup train! Seriously, I have more than enough CC creams to last several years and I feel they may work best for me in the heat of summer. That is the time of the year that absolutely nothing stays on my face more than 6-7 hours at a time. So a CC cream that has some skincare ingredients feels right to me. If I have to touch up at least it won't feel like a mask!

Have you already been to the Sephora VIB sale? What did you have to have? Do tell!!!! Sherry

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Olay Regenerist Night Resurfacing Elixir

Since skincare is a priority to me, I have found products that really work hard. Overnight products are especially nice as they have time to do their business. After researching this one I decided to get it at Walmart. I love Olay because they are a trusted and well known brand. This works by having the glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid work to smooth skin and as Olay states it works in as little as 7 days. It resurfaces skin, tighten skin surface and reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as hydrates to prevent over dryness. Another thing that Olay does is that if you aren't satisfied with the product you will get a refund on a prepaid Visa card.

You use this nightly and it states that you are to use this alone as it replaces your nightly moisturizer. It also states to remember to use a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen in the morning because the acids really make the skin sensitive. I have used this for 7 days and my skin feels great as if I got a great facial! I always use sunscreen because of old sunspots and damage from tanning when I was younger. I also have a family history of skin cancer and that is incentive to take care of my skin.

This is gentle and works well and if you are looking to find a product that works to resurface and take care of your skin, then this is the one! Let me know what you think, Sherry

Strivectin CC Cream and CC Eye Concealer

Strivectin Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti-Aging Face Tint SPF 30
Strivectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator (both in Medium)

I have definitely loved CC creams, as they are easy, have medium coverage and feels light on the face while the weather is heating up. I use quite a few Strivectin skincare products as they are chock full of great ingredients and scientific backing. I have seen a difference in my fine lines, wrinkles and sunspots while using the Strivectin products. My face has a lot of redness and always had, even when I was a kid so I like products that can cover the redness and still leave me not masklike. The CC cream is a bit heavy but blends out really well and I only have to use a concealer for a few spots that need it. There is no fragrance to speak of.

The Anti-aging Eye Illuminator is great for under my eyes and covers my dark circles quite well. It is thicker than some of the wand type eye concealers I have used, but once blended doesn't settle into my fine line. There is also a nice "light" to it and it really is concealer/illuminator in one. They work well together and when I awatched them in the store the light was too light for me, the medium quite dark but with the summer coming it will work very well.

All in all this duo is effective with great anti-aging ingredients and science to back it. Would I repurchase? Not likely as there are other BB/CC creams that have swept me off my feet, Ponds Luminous BB Cream, Lumene Time Freeze CC are just a few that come to mind!

The BB and CC cream hype continues and I am on the bandwagon. What about you? Blessings, Sherry

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Ultra Light Perfecting Skincare Makeup SPF 15

In my attempt to use up some samples, I grabbed for this Chanel foundation in #30 Beige to wear today for errands and doctor appointments. The sun is bright and the sky is a deep blue and the wind is blowing like a freight train, perfect weather for a new makeup trial :). I placed Hourglass primer on my face first after my moisturizer.

I would like to say that a little goes a LONG way, almost impossible to gauge when you are getting it out of a sample packet! Secondly the shade #30 is a bit darker than my winter pale skin but not terribly far off as I had to really go down my neck. It has a powdery scent to it that is very light and dissipates quickly. It sets quickly and dries down matte except in my t-zone. I then placed a bit of setting powder and then finished my face. It blends well and smoothly if you work quick, it barely feels as if I have anything on my face!

I was surprised at how much I liked this base makeup. It reminds me of my HG Armani Lasting Silk. I was also surprised that it stayed on my face the entire day without budging, it didn't oxidize and change colors on me either. All in all a nice foundation and one that would work for me in summer as I am very hot natured, have hot flashes and sweat like a sauna! It retails for $45 and is not the most expensive in the makeup that I own, yet it feels expensive to me.

Have you tried Chanel makeup? What product in this line would you recommend I try next? Do tell!!!! Sherry

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Purex Crystals

I was super excited to win the Purex Crystals coupon for a free bottle from! If you haven't checked out her blog, get there quick and take a browse through it. I use these crystals all the time I do laundry and it makes a difference as well as my hubby loves then too :). I can tell you this, the fragrance is not overwhelming that causes migraines but leaves a fresh clean smell that lasts a long time after you do laundry.

Thanks again Christy for the giveaway!

Do you use some sort of laundry enhancer? If so do tell!!!! Sherry

Monday, April 14, 2014

Makeup Monday Linky Party

Makeup Monday

Ladies, check out the blogs that are linked up for the link party! It's a great way to find new blogs and reviews and great content! I am excited to be part of this link and have fun finding new gals. Have a wonderful Monday and blessings! Sherry

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Aviva Hair Vitamen Supplements sent me this vitamin supplement to try and I am excited! I have very thin hair and am looking forward to see how this works for me. So ladies stay tuned and I will do a review on this product. Sherry

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Tarte CC Be Mattnificient Palette

I love me some palettes! I love how they have most everything you need for a makeup look and with this one, it has the added bonus of being matte. Now I say that as over 40 women sometimes can't do shimmer products very well and for me a little shimmer goes a loooonnnnngggg way! I use shimmer and highlighting for inner corners of the eyes, at the browbone, in the middle of the lid to open up the eye. These mattes are beautiful and fit together so well.

They have 8 limited edition eyeshadows, one limited edition blush and a double ended shadow brush applicator. As you can see the colors range from pale pink to a deep dark purple. There is a dark brown and dark black eyeshadow on the bottom that can either be used as a liner or defining eyeshadow for creases. Tartes eyeshadows are creamy and are easy to apply. With a primer they last me all day, without a primer they start to fade on me at the 6 hour mark. One thing I must mention, the lighter shades in the palette are very hard to see on me, swatching or on eyes. I am not that dark skinned, more medium with reddish/pink undertones and was surprised that some of the shades were hard to see, however they make great base laying tones.

The blush is pure Tarte product, they are silky, buildable and lasting. This blush is a soft medium rose. The texture is smooth and wears well. The colors in this palette are great for a soft romantic face. The Amazonian clay that is the basis of these products is amazing in the texture and wearability.

The sad thing about this is that the palette was a limited edition and sold out rather rapidly. I did find quite a few on Amazon and EBay should you just have to have this!

Overall I really like this palette for a daytime work look. Quick and easy all in one place face to reach for when in a hurry! What palettes are you loving? Have you gotten the Tarte Be Mattficient palette? What do you think? Have a blessed one! Sherry

Lip plumpers and treatments in the Spring rotation

Top to the right:
1)Fresh Sugar Lip treatment
2)Physicians Formula Needle Free Lip Plump Cocktail in Nude Potion
3)Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Gloss
4)Too Faced Lip Injection Turbo Power Supreme plumping Lip Gloss
5)Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle lip Treatment

If you have been following my blog for any time at all you are very aware of my lippie addiction! I use lip treatments and lip plumping products while I am doing my makeup in the morning. To hydrate, plump, fill out and aid with the fine lines and wrinkles that I have around my mouth and lips. I let it sink in and then am able to put my lipstick on more evenly.

The Peter Thomas Roth un-Wrinkle treatment works around the mouth, twice a day. It definitely has a tingling sensation when you first put it on, kind of like menthol feel. I have noticed that it does have a tendency to soften the look of the lines around my mouth and although it doesn't last very long, it does feel good to have it on. It claims to have an anti-aging, line filling ability and temporarily it does.

Fresh is just incredible with their lip products and this Sugar Lip treatment is awesome and hydrates, soothes and smoothes. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker has a very weird tingly feeling when you put it on, but I noticed that it is the best for smoothing out the lip lines and the tingling goes away after about 5 minutes. Too Faced Lip Injection is more of the cinnamon feeling plumper and is a bit thin and doesn't seem to stay on very long, however I can tell that it fills out the lip lines when I use it.

I am excited to get past the winter dryness and cracking and on to lusher lips as the weather changes. These products are my go to's and work well for the "older" mouth.

Do you use lip plumpers? What do you think, would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Sherry

Friday, April 11, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects

Olay just rocks when it comes to new products! The Fresh effects line feels geared to a younger crowd, however, I wanted to try the BB cream as I am addicted to BB,CC creams :). I was pretty impressed as it feels like a tinted moisturizer and isn't real heavy on the skin. The fragrance is light and concealer (for me) is necessary. I have several nieces here in town and they liked the cleansers and moisturizers and told me that they like the brand as Olay is trusted.

The ads are definitely peppy and younger, not that is a bad thing! Over all I am impressed with the BB cream and will wear this on weekends when I don't want to do a full face.

Walmart carries the brand and they are relatively inexpensive. Have you tried the Olay Fresh Effects products? What are your thoughts? Do tell!!!! Sherry

Vacation Haul

I justified this haul no doubt about it! Partly because I am a beauty blogger, partly because I am a primer junkie and partly because I needed a new makeup bag for a trip I am making the end of this month! On top of that Influenster wants me to review the Olay Fresh Effects and I was more than happy to oblige. Pixi just rocks as their products are just awesome and as you know I love me some compacts :).

I will do reviews on each of these products and am excited to get into them and share my opinions. PS: the makeup bag is Sonia Kashuk and was on clearance for 12 bucks!

So on to the usage and playing, stay tuned for reviews and thanks for stopping by the blog! Sherry

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sweet smell of life

In a cool dark closet there is a shelf with bottles, tubes, roll-ons, solids, samples of some of the most beautiful scents on earth and I love every one of them! Perfume plays such a pivotal role in my life, major events invoked by a scent full of memories. That first perfume I fell in love with when I was 11, it was called Fame after the movie (yep I am that old LOL) and I bought it at a drugstore and wore it all the time. Then came White Shoulders which was more "grown up" but was too sweet for me as I love perfumes with a musky dark peppery scent. That led to Obsession and that really became my signature. Over the years I got more into scents and started collecting and experimenting and was given gifts of perfume from my 3 sons. Although most they got me were what I liked and they had asked me about, some were bottles they gave me that they picked. I still have most all the perfumes they gave me! My hubby likes those powdery floral and citrus ones, I wear those intermittently as they tend to bring on a migraine.

The evocation of scent memories is incredible and I imagine everyone has memories tied to a perfume. My mother used to wear Avons Timeless and when I smell that it is as if she is hugging me. My sons when they were teenagers were wearing American Eagle scents and Hollister scents and my house was filled with great smelling teenagers (my sons are 15 months apart between the eldest and 22 months apart the last 2). They were in high school all together, 9th, 11th and 12th grade and that was when they spent more time in the mirror then me LOL! I never was one to wear just one signature scent as I love multiple ones and as you can see by my stash it is a healthy variety.

I am careful about migraine trigger scents as well as wear subtle scents when I work as a nurse. However, perfume just makes me feel good. My husband loves when I get out of the shower and get ready for work, as I leave several hours before he does for work and he wakes up smelling me in the house after I am gone. He says that makes his day :). I love when he compliments me on my perfume or how I look (I am such a sucker for his compliments). The thing I admire is a blogger who can write about perfume and do a great job in putting that into words that you can just imagine in real life. I have a really hard time as most scents are colors or memories to me.

I love the shapes of the bottles, the colors and some of the bottles I don't get rid of solely because they are beautiful. Kat Von D's Sinner bottle is exquisite and that is on display. I rotate different ones on my dresser as to my mood and the time of year. Yes I will probably continue to buy fragrances and keep changing what I wear every day and that is ok as it tells people a little about me without me saying a word.

I am so enamored with finding that one that just knocks me off my feet and the hunt is just as much fun as finding the "one". What memories do you have with your perfume? Are you a one perfume woman? Do tell!!!! Sherry

La Roche Posay -Sunscreen worth every penny


La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Tinted Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50-Avail CVS $33.49
My white t-shirt makes me look like I have makeup all the way down my neck LOL-then white chest *sigh

The sun is shining really brightly and the temperature will get close to 80 today. On top of that the wind is blowing and I am on a lake. Definite time for sunscreen to be used! This one I bought last year during fishing season and absolutely loved it. It is a nice medium tinted sunscreen, goes on smoothly and sets to a matte finish quickly. It lasts for most of the day and unless I sweat really badly it doesn't budge! In fact you need to use an oil or oil based cleanser to wash this off your face. I don't like to put on makeup when I am out and about on the lake and fishing with my hubby but the sunspots I have on my face need to be protected and this gives me just enough coverage to even out skintone and a lot of SPF coverage as well. No fragrance to speak of and doesn't leave a mess behind.

I learned the hard way the damage that sun can do to my skin and I also have a family history of skin cancer. I will not take any chances anymore. Ladies, it's an easy and quick fix to put on sunscreen and trust me looking like an old piece of leather just ain't pretty ya'll!

This sunscreen is by a trusted and dang good brand as well as ticking all the boxes on SPF, coverage and tinted to boot. Get your sunscreens ready because it's really that time of year that the skincare game gets upped. Hope you enjoy the brighter weather that is coming :) Sherry

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have you seen the Kohl's Beauty aisles?

Simply Vera (Vera Wang) Naturally Radiant Hydrating Makeup in #104
Simply Vera Eye Illuminating primer
American Beauty Ultimate Diamond Anti-aging Eye Cream

When I think of Kohls the first thing that enters my mind is some excellent clothing and shoe choices. Jewelry is a close second. Their makeup was just not really something to talk about. You could sometimes find some off the wall brand that was kind of hard to find elsewhere and sometimes all on clearance. However, my hubby and I went in to get him some dress pants and a dress shirt and I wandered over to the cosmetics area (as any good makeup junkie would do:)and was surprised to see Lorac, The Balm, Simply Vera, Elle, American Beauty, Borghese, Hydraxatone and a lot of perfume offerings as well. I had never heard that Vera Wang had a makeup line and grabbed a tube of her foundation as well as the eye primer, because 1) I had Kohl bucks to spend and 2) the swatches were frickin awesome! The American Beauty line I have seen before and didn't feel it was my "age group" type of makeup, but then I saw the anti-aging eye cream and loved the way I felt when I tried it. So I grabbed them and hurried to the counter with my Kohls bucks and yeppers ladies I will do a review for you on all of these products.

Have you shopped at Kohls for beauty items? What are your thoughts? Sherry

Spring Blushing Beauties

1)Stila Custom Color Blush in self adjusting pink
2)Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat
3)Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Gelee in Poppy Paradise
4)Benefit Lollitint
5)Juice Beauty Glowing Cheek Color in Organic Pink

With the grass greening up, the flowers blooming and the birds singing it is definitely feeling like Spring. I have started to change up my makeup for a more peppy spring feel. These blushes are gorgeous and make me smile as they give that fresh faced glowy look that makes you appear a little more youthful (or so I have heard:). Nearly everyone of these goes on sheer and can be built up to a desired effect.

I have been wearing a lot of bronzy looks lately and when I went through the blushes I own, these jumped to the forefront and have been playing nice with a softer face. It has been fun to put more pops of pink and purples and mellower, lighter colors into the rotation.

What are your go to blushes for spring? Are you excited to "lighten up" your makeup and step into that peppy spring feeling? Do share! Sherry

Monday, April 7, 2014

Project Make A Dent-Sample Size

I adore samples and trial sizes and little bottles and packets and whew! But I have allowed them to get overwhelming, this picture is only a partial look into my samples. Sometimes, its hard to use a sample that only gives you enough to test it one time and that to me really doesn't give a true example of how the product works. Primers and foundation samples I can usually tell within hours of using them if they are working for me. Serums, moisturizers on occasion I can tell pretty quickly if are adequate for my skin and of course those little perfume samples give an immediate like or not. Its the serums, spot correctors and other longer term products that I have a hard time using for test purposes. However, this is where I am just going to start using these and see on a day to day basis if something strikes my fancy. Hey it really isn't hard for me to use something new, that is the beauty of being a beauty junkie and a blogger :)!

So I vow to get into the sample size packets and have a blast finding something that just might earn a place in my skincare or makeup routine. It beats spending a lot of money on something that just isn't right for me. Trial size is just that. So onward I go, I already know what I am going to wear tomorrow and it's kinda exciting!

Are you a sample stasher? Maybe join me in Project Make A Dent-Sample size! Sherry

Dior Mascaras

Dior Show Mascara
Dior Show Mascara Maximizer primer

I have never purchased Dior mascara before, despite hearing lots of things about them. I do have a bit of a problem spending this much for a mascara. However this duo caught my eye in Nordstrom and yeppers had to have them! I am so glad I did because they are absolutely awesome. I had been using the Too Faced primer and it works really well. The Dior primer works even better! The Dior Show mascara works like a dream and I am blessed with very long eyelashes and this mascara enhances them beautifully. I am very picky about mascaras and have given lots away because the brush or the product itself just didn't meet my standard.

It is well known that just because the product is high end and well known as well as expensive doesn't mean it is any good (bad experiences abound!). Dior's mascara proves that they are worth every penny and will remain a staple. I will definitely repurchase!

Have you ladies tried the Dior mascaras? What are your thoughts? Do tell! Sherry

5 product/5 minute face

LancĂ´me Dual Finish Powder
Josie Maran Coconut Gelee in Poppy Paradise
IT Cosmetics Duo-Illuminator and Bye Bye Under Eye
Lash Injection Mascara
Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer Anti Aging Skin Corrector

I have seen lots of these posts on the web and this week my hubby is off work and that means so am I! I didn't want to do a full face or take a lot of time with my face as we are just relaxing, running errands and generally being mush. I do like to go days without anything on my face to let my skin breathe and just use hydrating and protecting products. However, I do have some spots on my face that I am aware of when I leave the house without anything on and so a light quick face was called for!

Of course the cheek gelee was used for cheeks and lips, but ya'll know that there will be several lippies playing on my lips today. I can't just do one throughout the day :). The mascara is one that I got at Ulta on clearance and opened to try and now I have to finish it, I hate to waste products! It doesn't curl my lashes very well (that is what my eyelash curler is for:), it does give good length though. Another Ulta purchase was the IT Cosmetics duo: illuminator and concealer. I love this stuff. I cannot tell you that I have ever gotten an IT product that sucked, for real! I did a review on the Garnier Ultra Lift Transformer cream and it is perfect for a tinted moisturizing base. I spread it on like a daily moisturizer and blend in. Works well!!!

What do you do for 5 minute day off face? Sherry

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not just your average lip balm ladies!!!

29 by Lydia Mondavi Wine Blot Lip Balm-avail Target

Ok ladies, I have confessed my serious lippie addiction. Lipsticks, pencils, glosses, balms, stains, etc. etc. amen :). I rarely ever go anywhere without having one in my pocket and about 10 in my purse that is a mix of all of the above type. Now I have had some really pretty lip balms, in pretty jars, small cylinders and even pencil type. But let me tell you how I felt when I opened up the package to this lip balm. WOW was my first thought because this lip balm was in a heavy silver colored case with a brown ribbon of color around it. A gorgeous stamp on the top of the 29 brand. I was kinda shocked I have to admit. I was not expecting to have such a beautiful case to house a lip balm!

The brand says of this Wine Blot lip balm: The ultimate lip treatment, lip care beyond just moisturizing and protecting. Intense hydrating formula will become vital to your perfect pout. The restorative and rejuvenating rewards of the ultimate lip balm will have lips lauding its benefits. Grape-seed anti-oxidant formula leaves your lips feeling soft, plush and protected. Can be worn under lipstick or alone.

I have paid anywhere from 50 cents to $40 for lip treatments. This one cost $10 at Target and just the solid beautiful packaging alone was worth every penny; however, the balm itself is very nourishing, fragrance free and not sticky, tacky or too slick to stay on. It has a very plush feeling and stays fairly well on. But even if I have to reapply is a pleasure for the taking out this gorgeous tube of goodness!

29 by Lydia Mondavi redefines cosmetics and skin care for the woman of today. Lydia Mondavi designed 29 around the idea that true natural beauty, is not effortless, but comes through dedication, understanding, protecting and nourishing the skin. Its a first of its kind, an age protecting skin care and cosmetics line, utilizing the benefits of grape seeds. Go to to get the full story on the line and check out the awesome product lineup.

I am quite excited to try more of this lines products and will definitely pass on my trials as we go! Has anyone tried any of 29s line? If you haven't check out your local Target and get a feel for the elegantly packaged skincare! Sherry

On the go necessities

Violight Slim Sonic Toothbrush in Multi Python
Ulta for $14.99

When I was younger I never thought to take a toothbrush or toothpaste with me when I left the house. I even had super crunched together teeth that if I wasn't careful when I ate something, the food particles would be stuck in my teeth! The older I got and the more I cared about the state of my oral health as well as working 12 hour shifts, prompted me to have backup in my purse. I saw this cool battery operated toothbrush at Ulta and purchased it for my work backpack and purse. It was worth the investment and now I don't have to worry about stuck food or yucky breath on a long shift.

Over the years I have received a lot of pint sized toothpaste samples as well as travel sizes to carry and so I am never without some toothpaste as well. Crest has definitely been the one I have used the most over my lifetime. Even when I try other brands, it seems I always go back to Crest!

I may have 20 lippies in my purse and plenty of makeup products but being without a clean toothed smile, the lippies won't work as well. What do you carry that may not be along the lines of makeup per se?

Keep smiling, gorgeous ladies! Blessings, Sherry

Friday, April 4, 2014

Target Stores get a high end skincare makeover

As many of us have heard through ads, blogs and word of mouth, Target has upped their skincare offerings significantly. I found the nearest Target that showed products in stock and headed over for a peek. I was pleasantly surprised at the beautifully stocked and well lit shelves! The list of skincare offerings I saw included (but not limited too): Laniege, Borghese, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Medermic, 29 by Lydia Mondavi, OWN skincare. Flanking these shelves were new offerings in the skincare department from Sonia Kashuk and of course you can find No. 7 brand and Pacifica as well as Burt's Bees and Yes TO. It was awesome!!!

There were a few things that I specifically wanted to try; Borghese Revitalize Skin Serum, La Roche-Posay Redermic-R anti-aging treatment and because anything to do with lips I grabbed the 29 by Lydia Mondavi Lip Balm. The 29 brand is a new skincare brand to me. I plan on researching it more as the product line is big on resveratrol in their products to aid with anti-aging.

Of course I have been hearing about Laniege for a while now and have researched their brand and they have some really awesome looking skincare and cosmetic offerings.

Have you seen your local Targets new skincare offerings yet? What can you not wait to get your hands on? Do tell!!! Sherry

Physicians Formula Glow Booster BB Cream

Yes, I fell for the hype. I read about this product, saw it in my local CVS and love bronzed products, especially for spring and summer time. I cannot use facial tanning products as they darken my sun spots that I have from damage to my skin. Public service announcement here ladies: USE sunscreen ALL the time! When I was younger tanning was my thing let me tell ya. The darker I got the better I thought I looked, taking no mind to the long term damage I was doing to my skin. Crepey chests, sun spots on my face and looking older are not pretty. There isn't a day that I forget SPF, especially living in Texas :).

Back to the product. It is thinner than some BB creams I have tried, smooth and goes on well without looking like I slathered my face with orange tanner lotion. It does have an SPF 20 which is a necessity. It says it "replaces moisturizer, foundation, bronzer and SPF". It doesn't dry out my skin, and although thin, I need concealer for the darker areas on my face. It's a bit dewy and I use setting powder on my t-zone. I have quite a few Physician Formula products and they are easy to find as they are at CVS, Walgreens, WalMart. CVS has great BOGO as well as coupons and sales (ok that doesn't help my spending addiction lol). Make sure that you bring it down your neck to keep from having white neckitis, ugh that is so high school LOL! This product is mainly for my quickie weekend running around or days off when I don't have time or the inclination to do a full face.

There are quite a few new Physician Formula products and check out their website to see all the beautiful, new and in some cases gorgeous packaging that they do tend to pull off so well!!

Ladies, what are you doing to help bring about the bronze and youthful glow of this time of year? Would you use this type of product? Do share!!! Sherry

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fantastic Friday Linkup

Fantastic Friday Button 2 Fantastic Friday Link Up #27

Come check out all the fabulous ladies and their blogs and find some new ideas, information and fun stuff! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Sherry

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Got that Spring feeling!

For the last 3 days we have ricocheted between 36 at night to 80's in the day time, muggy, cloudy with bits of brilliant sun splashing through! On my way to work this morning I had my AC on in the car and my heavy metal jammin' and felt pretty good. When I woke up I just wanted to make a simple easy face that was smooth, clear and perky to match my attitude. So I went with some of the great spring colors in my makeup and the finishing pop of pretty pink on my lips and off I went.

This time of the year is just fresh and clean and bursting with new life and although those ugly allergies (BOOOO) can make me look like the spring time Rudolph, I persevere and have a feeling of possibilities! After the long winter of dormancy and inner health and wellness, it's time to let the soul planting and buds from the newly thawed ground of my life to burst forth and grow.

Does spring time bring a call for renewal not only in your "spring cleaning" but in your life and soul? What calls to you most as you unwrap the layers of "frozen ground" and thaw the bulbs that have been buried so deeply to bring forth? Do you feel the change?

Ladies it may just be me, I love the winter in so many ways (ok pretty much because my hot flashes make me wanna run around nekkid and embarrass my 3 grown sons:) but spring just makes me feel giddy and ready for anything! May your spring be one of renewal, growth and peace as you "thaw"!

Blessings, Sherry