Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Boscia Luminizing Face Mask

In my ever present quest for great skin, my skincare has been all about the latest hot topic: Masks.
I have sheet masks, clay masks, eye masks, lip masks, cream masks whew! In a VIB point perk I received a Boscia collection and this was in there and peel off masks are just so darn fun.

Now back in the day, peel masks were quite easy to peel away and kind of fun to see the yuck go with it, so my expectations were pretty much the same. First of all let me just say that this dries to a second skin! Really, it was melded onto my face and I ended up only being able to peel part of it before having to use warm water to get the rest off.  No fragrance to irritate my migraines, easy to apply. And it worked and it worked well!

My skin was glowy and my face looked clear and rested. Yep the new generation of masks are quite remarkable and fun. I have a larger size of this and will look forward to many more days of masking.

What are some of your favorite masks or skin treatments? Have you used Boscia?

Blessings, Sherry

Friday, May 27, 2016

Alternate Uses for Baking Soda this Memorial Day Weekend

I love being a part of the community and sharing reviews and uses for everyday products.  I received this product free for review, but all opinions and pictures are my own!

Baking soda was that box you always saw in your grandmothers and mothers refrigerator and freezer. You never knew just what it was supposed to do but it was omnipresent throughout my childhood. As I became an adult and by habit, purchased that cute orange box to put in my own refrigerator/freezer, I knew WHY it was in there! But, let me tell you ladies, over the years that orange box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda has evolved into some cool uses. Check out below for more ways I use my baking soda.

It's great to make into a paste and place over insect bites, helps take out the sting and burn by neutralizing the area.

Heartburn relief: you have  no idea how many people told me that this helped them more than the OTC brands!

Baking Soda makes an inexpensive and effective scrub for my face AND my hands as well as my lips. I pour a bit in my palm, wet it and use it as my exfoliant in the morning. It's gentle and the pH balance is just right! I never feel like my skin has been "stripped" or tight after using. Another great idea is adding a drop of Argan oil to the mix and it's even soothing! Placed in a cute snack size ziplock it becomes great for travel as well.

Baking soda is a great neutralizer and helps when my tennis shoes are a bit musty. I just pour some product in a cloth or muslin bag (as pictured) and place in the tennis shoes to eradicate the musty!

Many years ago I was told that baking soda was great on a wet toothbrush and helped with my teeth and my gum health. It's gentle, effective and easy to use. You can find lots of toothpastes with this ingredient today.

That nasty smelling fish cooler is neutralized, scrubbed and ready for the boat this weekend!

I always keep a box next to my stove because in the event of a grease fire, dumping this on the fire will help put it out!

Arm & Hammer has come a long way and now have products that you can use in your swimming pool (I don't have one).  It's an effective laundry booster, It's a great scrub for that nasty shower floor as well!

Be sure to use this link for coupons and more tips on how to use baking soda!

What do you use your Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for? If you have some unique ideas, do tell!!!

Blessings, Sherry

NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Golden Horizons


This palette caught my eye when shopping in Target. It wasn't too outre and looked like colors that I could get away with using and the glitter/shimmer aspect didn't scare my mature lids into hiding. Within 2 hours of bringing it home the plastic case was busted and the lid was not secure but I decided I could work with this! There are 3 separate NYX palettes of this kind and the Golden Horizons caught my attention the most.

Now onto the swatches:

Right arm: bottom row
Left arm:(with bracelets) top row

Ladies I am strongly disappointed! Fallout HUGE, the swipes were awful and uneven and a couple had to be swiped several times to show up on my arm. Now I may have gotten a dud and no there wasn't any primer before but I was pretty down. The colors appear beautiful in the palette but didn't translate onto the swatches. I am not one to waste a palette and there were several ideas popping into my head as to how I could use this palette. There are no mattes, all have some shimmer running through them, none disco ball glitter though.

NYX as well as other brands do have hits and misses and this one was a miss for me. I will attempt an eye look with primer and possibly wetting them to see if they work better that way.

Has anyone gotten this palette? Did I get a dud? Thoughts? Do tell!!!

Blessings, Sherry

Thursday, May 26, 2016

20 things about me you might be surprised to know!

I love this tag and had several friends ask me to do this, so here goes!

1) I am a mom to 3 sons and a stepmom to a son and daughter.
2) I have been a nurse for 20 years.
3) I played in a metal band in the 80's and then played in a band in the early 2000's
4) I am a voracious bookworm, especially love horror, forensics and mystery in fiction
5) I was a tomboy for most of my life and didn't get into "girly" stuff until my 30's
6) I HATE snakes
7) I lived in South America for 3 years as a teenager
8) I have 4 tattoos
9) I still speak Spanish
10) I love roller coasters, the wilder, faster and crazy the better
11) I make jewelry and love to create things.
12) I started my blog as a way to connect and learn!
13) As many of you know from reading my blog, I am a lippie addict hardcore!
14) The only different haircolor that I had was orange from a bad darker hair experiment gone wrong!
15) I'm addicted to Snapped and Deadly Women (if you know these shows, then you know the lure)
16) I first started watching horror films/shows when I was 7. Couldn't get enough of them lol
17) I'm allergic to cats
18) I'm a skincare junkie and a makeup hoarder
19) I fish often with my husband
20) Last but not least, I turn 50 this year :)

Well there you have it! Hope you are having a great week and looking forward to your 3 day weekend!

Blessings, Sherry

Shopping my stash-Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle

Spring time can mean that I start a search through my stash to see what would be fun to start using again. The Becca Beach Tint Shimmer Souffle's fit the bill!

Swatch from wrist up:

I tend to go for warmer shades as my undertone and coloring lean warm. I have tried several cool looks and it's way to "icy" and dead looking. So as you can see all the colors that I have in my collection are warm and bronzy or pink. The last swatch is great as a highlighter alone as the Guava doesn't show up on me very well.

Depending on what mood I am in or what I am wearing, I tend to grab the first two the most. The Papaya/Opal tends to be too dark until I get a little spring/summer color into my face, although using it as a one wash color on the eyes is pretty! The Lychee/Opal is a gorgeous pop of color and makes me look really well rested.

The soufflé is soft and a bit bouncy and I use these colors with a stippling brush as using fingers is too messy and I hate stuff that gets under my nails! It is sheer and can be built up without looking to overdone. However, if I put too much on it tends to be more about the shimmer than the color.

So going through the stash has given me some options for color on my face and I am already planning my looks for my trip to San Antonio this week.

Do you shop your stash? Any good finds? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry

Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring/Summer Primers

Left to Right:
Dr. Brandt pores no more pore refiner hint of tint
La Roche Posay Anthelios 50 Daily Anti-aging Primer with Sunscreen
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
Laura Geller's Spackle Supercharged fortified under makeup primer
Nip+Fab Smooth Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix

Ya'll it gets hot in the spring time in Texas. You could easily have a 92 degree day and the next week have a high of 60 so it varies, however; one thing that doesn't vary is my face in the heat. The older and more menopausal I get (yep I went there) the more my face either "eats" the makeup as if I didn't put anything on or slides right off. I have tried, no lie about 24 different primers and have yet to really find one that helps my makeup stay put. Now I know to moisturize very very well because I am getting a drier face every year and that the dryness contributes to the makeup just becoming non-existent.

It get's frustrating because A) I don't want to wear tons of makeup or lots of layers in the heat B) I want to look put together and not a hot mess. So the primer testing continued. Because I have hyperpigmentation on my lower cheeks and jaws I am militant about my sunscreen and the La Roche Posay primer with SPF 50 is absolutely excellent. It isn't heavy on the skin, the sunscreen isn't greasy and it actually has some staying power to it that I was impressed with. It is quite expensive and can be found at your local CVS and Ulta. I'm always on the lookout for coupons and sales.

The first time I tried the Dr. Brandt pores no more with a hint of tint, I was surprised at it's soft moussey texture and one size fits all color. It actually blends well, hits my red face where it needs it and made the "textured" parts of my face play nice with the blending of my foundation and other face products. Although it is for oily/combo skin, it seems that those type of products work for me if I moisturize my face well. These tend to have a longer and stronger staying power on my face.

The Clarins Flash Balm is my everyday around the house or running errands face balm that definitely brightens and tightens up my face and can be worn under my favorite CC cream. It's moisturizing, needs to be applied thinly and helps everything just "stick" to my face better. A little goes a long way! I can also pat it around my eyes or other problem area throughout the day for a refresher. Definitely worth the price.

Laura Geller's Spackled line is impressive and I have used several of her primers but this one is my favorite. It looks champagne colored in the tube but is silky smooth clear when placed on the face. Has that slippy silicone feel but has some great skincare ingredients, soothing botanicals and age fighting antioxidants. Very cool product and I am impressed with the quick absorption when placed on the skin and the way it seems to keep my face "plumped" up throughout the day.

The last one I got has that magical blur word in it and also because I have tried many of the Nip+Fab Venom products, I decided to try this. It is silky, gel like, quickly absorbs and gives a fabulous "cheat" to the texture of my face. It can be very drying on me and the Venom series also can make my skin feel a bit tighter (because of the ingredients). So moisture is key under this, but ladies it works for me and that is a big thing.

These are a few I am giving a whirl as Texas heats up and my face needs to at least look put together and not a hot mess. Do you have any favorites or suggestions? Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, Sherry

Monday, May 16, 2016

Don't forget ladies to check out my blog giveaway!!!

I would love to have one of you lovely ladies win this bobs and bits of makeup products!!! Check out the blog and follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram.

Good luck ya'll! Sherry

New at Target: Pixi and Embryolisse

Left: Pixi skintreats 24K Eye Elixir with Gold and Collagen
Right: Embryolisse  Artist secret Radiant Eye express cooling and refreshing eye care

For about 20 years now, I have been obsessed with my undereye health and appearance. Serums, creams, dark circle correctors, concealers and mid-day rejuvinators. For longer than that I have been obsessed with Targets growing beauty department.

Pixi is an awesome line that I got drawn into with their makeup. It was affordable and beautiful. I jumped on the Pixi Glow Tonic bandwagon and haven't looked back. When the 24K Eye Elixir came out, it wasn't hard for me to justify the expense. The slim tube has a roller-ball applicator and delivers a smooth serum that imparts a bit of a shine as well. It has a cooling effect and boasts Gold that stimulates circulation, Collagen that strengthens skin, Peptides that plump fine lines. It also claims to de-puff the undereye area. Although you could pop this in the refrigerator for a cooling roller-ball experience, I keep it in my purse to smooth and comfort the undereye area when it gets dry during the day. I have to say I like it except for the expense of the product.

An even more expensive product (although this brand commands respect and expense) is the Embyolisse  Radiant Eye stick. It is small, the balm is a push up within the tube and is smooth and although a solid, sweeps across the skin like a serum. This one I love to use at bedtime because it is a bit thicker and lasts a bit longer on my skin. Over my nighttime undereye retinol, this soothes and protects. Apparently makeup artists love this product and keep in their kits. Although I love the product I am not sure I can justify the $45.

No problem, because I love to hunt for the coolest, smoothest, most awesome undereye products and the hunt is as fun as the finding! Have you tried either of these? What do you think of the growing beauty department in Target?

*this is not a sponsored post, I bought it, opinions are mine

Blessings, Sherry

Lumavera Skincare-

Lumavera Glycolic Night Cream
Lumavera Oxygenating Masque

It has been quite some time since I won these products via Bloglovin and as I was going through my skincare to do list, I saw these and was ashamed that I hadn't given them much thought as I was knee (or face) deep in testing others and trying to finish products already started. So I researched and started to use the products. I am glad that I did!

Information from their website:

Glycolic Overnight Perfecting Creme

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)
Our powerful overnight creme refines pores, minimizes the appearance of wrinkles while bringing new clarity to the skin. A 10% Glycolic acid assists in cell turnover as anti-oxidants protect and brighten while you sleep. Amazing anti-aging Algae Extract acts like retinol with out the irritation. Cactus extract acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-erythema; calms skin when using topical AHA’s.
Skin Type: Normal – Dry
  • Vitalizes dermal stem cells responsible for collagen and elastin production
  • Accelerates skin’s natural repair process
  • Fights wrinkles and loss of firmness
  • Lightens and protects skin with Vitamin C
Key Ingredients:
Directions: In the evening, apply 2-3 pumps to face, neck and decollete in upward strokes until absorbed. Avoid eye area.

Oxygenating Masque

5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)
Adequate oxygen is essential to lasting beauty. This all in one treatment brings new radiance to the skin with a deep fibroblast of oxygen at a cellular level. Mushroom enzymes exfoliate while fruit extracts repair and brighten the complexion. Once activated, two forms of algae are delivered deep to lift, tighten and tone.
Skin Type: Normal – Dry
  • Vitalizes dermal stem cells responsible for collagen and elastin production
  • Accelerates skin’s natural repair process
  • Fights wrinkles and loss of firmness
  • Lightens and protections skin with Vitamin C
Key Ingredients:
Directions: Apply 4-5 pumps of masque to clean damp skin in circular motions starting at the forehead and working your way to the chin then down the neck. Continue motions until a solid white film has covered the entire area. Let sit for 7-10 mins. Once activation is complete, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Recommended application after  SKIN PERFECTION PEEL 2-3 times per week for best results. Suitable for all skin types.

I am 49, been a smoker a long time (dang this trying to quit is HARD), have dry skin, hyperpigmentation (good old Texas sun) and get red easily, as in people asking if I'm having a heart attack when I have a hot flash! I have been using acids and glycolics in cleansers and treatments for about 10 years now along with retinols. My face is not sensitive at this point with new and heavy duty product ingredients.

Glycolics and acids are necessary in my skincare to help move along old cells, resurface my face and bring about that healthy skin glow I crave. I alternate nights using acid products such as Dr. Dennis Gross, Nip & Fab in pad form with this Glycolic Night Cream. The first time I used it, there was quite the stinging going on, but not for long and went on smoothly, fragrance wasn't overwhelming and the after using this for a week, there was a noticeable brightening of my face. I also noted that the "orange peel" texture I have (drives me nuts) was not as noticeable. Seriously, it was the only skincare change in my life and it works!

Saturday and Sundays have long been my pamper day and I grabbed the Oxygenating mask to use before I placed a sheet mask on for super hydrating purposes. OH MY! It bubbles and foams and feels really cool on the face. It was like that extra kick to my skincare pampering routine. Definitely wins a place in the mask/hydrating/treatment box!

After reading the information provided by the website as well as researching some of the stellar ingredients, I was pleased to have been the recipient of these products and want to make sure my readers are aware of this brand as well. Yeppers, they are pricey. Packaging is very basic, but pumps on their products are a big deal (hygiene and portion control ya'll). Overall, I am pleased with the results of these 2 products and if I budget well, there may be several other products coming home with me!

Have ya'll tried these, or heard of this company? What are your thoughts? Do tell!

Blessings, Sherry

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tarte Lip Sculptor is a Spring beauty!

Top left shows the gorgeous lipstick/gloss duo that is part of Tarte new products.  As a lippie addict I jumped for joy when I received this. The color is "intoxicating" and trust me when I say that wearing this duo makes me smile and am a little intoxicated bringing in the spring season with new bright colors!

The lipstick glides on smoothly with no tugging or dryness, the gloss is a sweet icing on the cake when I want a bit of shine. Wear time on me is about 2 hours IF I don't eat or drink, This may not be the case with you as my lips drink up ANY color other than long lasting liquid lippies and they even only last about 4 hours!

The color range is absolutely gorgeous and I  believe that lots of people will get a shade that strikes their fancy!

New in this spring at Go check them out!

Has anyone tried the new Tarte Lip Sculptor duos? I'm also eyeing some other new Tarte products and have my eye on a palette!  Let me know what you think.  Spring has sprung and with it a makeup shakeup!

Blessings,  Sherry

Curly Hair Help

Left to right:
Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
Goddess Curls Botanical Gelee
Marc Anthony Strictly Curls curl defining lotion
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

I am by no means a tight curled, ringlet bearing curly head. However, my hair has this wave that tends to curl a lot, the ability with the right products to really curl! I was getting my hair done at Ulta and the stylist says that Deva Curl would be a great product to help my natural wavy/curly hair. That started the quest for curl cream!

She started by telling me to make sure that when I use the Deva Curl to apply on a sopping wet head of hair. I did and it worked and I have never looked back.

So, onto different types, gels, lotions, creams, pomades. I have tried them and the above are the clear winners in my quest for beautiful curls.

Deva Curl I have told you about and it is a clear front runner. No crunch, no stiffness, loose and easy waves/curls.

Goddess Curls almost the exact same feel and texture and result as Deva Curl.

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls lotion tends to be a bit heavier on my hair but still let's my hair be smooth and loose and not crunchy. Just have to be careful with application.

And then the smoothie. Oh my Lord have mercy! Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is hands down the best. It's heavier but smooth and easy and works like mousse almost, but no crunchiness at all. I looked like I got a fresh "body wave" perm without the perm! It lasts through several days and smells divine. This one is inexpensive, I can find it at Wal-Mart, Walgreen's easily. This one will always be top dibs.

I can't imagine what my truly curly hair friends go through, but if any of these products pique your interest or if you have used them, let me know what you think! And if you have others that I need to know about, share girlfriend LOL.

Blessings, Sherry

Thursday, May 5, 2016

#Giveaway to celebrate my blog! A surprise product added :) GIVEAWAY WINNER

As the original winner didn't respond, Ursula Ball is the next winner! She responded and will send her the package! Keep an eye out for more blog giveaways!!!

Loreal La Palette Lip in Nude
Dr. Jart BB cream universal
Urban Decay Perversion mascara
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer in 02 Blondes
Bite Beauty duo in Rose and Palomina
Becca highlighters in Champagne Gold and Pearl

My blog is a source of fun and hobby for me. I love putting reviews and swatches and meeting new bloggers and friends via this hobby. Although this is a "baby blog" compared to the majority, it doesn't stop me at all!

So in honor of the followers that have stuck with me, I wanted to do an old fashioned giveaway to show my appreciation. Unfortunately it is US residents only, 18 years of age and older and I will pick from the people who enter. The rules are: follow my blog, follow my Instagram and leave a comment below about what is your favorite makeup item for spring! The giveaway will run for a month from today the 5th of May to June 5th. Tell your friends and if they mention you sent them to the blog, it's extra entries!

Thanks again for all my followers and bloggers I have met while I indulge in my hobby :).

Good luck and blessings, Sherry

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Poise Impressa Bladder Supports-A journey with LBL

Straight up information with a side of humor for a common problem!
Ladies, I am 50 in August, have had 3 pregnancies in rapid succession and had a hysterectomy when I was 27, with a bladder prolapse surgical intervention. I also have a genetic predisposition  to bladder leakage from my maternal side of the family. Yep, I got it going on!
I bought these to try them out and see if they work, 'cause laughing, sneezing, coughing can become a little interesting. (You know when you see a woman cracking up with her legs crossed tightly, yeah that). So I purchased these at Walmart and read on for do they or don't they!
So it has been 23 years since I needed a tampon, I frickin forgot how to do it!!!!! After several minutes of ummmm how again?, these are just like a tampon to place. However, they place more forward of the cervix and gently press against the bladder to keep the urethra from leaking. You have a choice of 3 sizes to try to see if it helps with LBL. I tried the medium, because well I would rather know if it works.
My answer to that is oh yes, they work! It wasn't uncomfortable, it wasn't hard to pee with it in and it did stop the LBL. I was rather impressed with the Poise Impressa.
Side note to all this TMI: if you are prone to bladder spasms, talk to your doctor and oh talk to your doctor anyway to make sure it's ok for you personally to use. I am not a doctor, I am a nurse and this post is my personal opinion about the product!
So ladies, with all the coverage of LBL and the myriad ads about this issue, I for one, like having a temporary fixer to a leaky problem! Might as well laugh about it and move on, LBL happens.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Makeup Monday link-up

I love linking up with great bloggers and finding new ones! is the hostess and be sure to check out all that are linked up!

Have a blessed Monday, Sherry

Sunday Pamper Day

I decided this last Sunday to have a pamper day. Masks are having a huge moment in the beauty world and I have found some pretty cool ones. I have mature, dry, hot flashy skin and decided to use the karuna Hydrating Face Mask and the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming eye gels. My eyes with age are showing more fines lines and my undereyes are pretty purple if I have lost sleep, or have a migraine. The Skyn eye gels are frickin awesome. They plump, hydrate and firm up my undereye area and feel spectacular while wearing. The karuna Hydrating Face mask is dripping with a great serum and I could feel the benefits the next day, all day after wearing this while lying in bed checking my Bloglovin feed.

After using the feet products below, I then decided that I would be a little adventurous and wear the beautiful Essie #728 in dive bar on my toes. Now ladies, I'm not one to "follow the so called rules" when it comes to my age and when the mood strikes, I tend to like to get outside the box and have fun with colors and products. Yeppers, I have made some laughable mistakes but learned what goes with a 49 year old face and body and what doesn't. Immediately my hubby asked what that color was on my toes, because it would work for his flies that he makes for fishing. I know right???

All in all, between laundry and grocery shopping, my Sunday pamper day was quite interesting and quite relaxing. I forgot what it was like to have a go at "me time". I have decided it's definitely worth it.

Do you have certain days for at home spa treatments and pamper days? Do tell!!!

Blessings, Sherry

Easy Spring bases with SPF


I have made no secret that when it comes to a quick face, I will grab the tube that "speaks" to me that day. Whether I want to glow, be understated or dewy these 4 product picks have been the ones I reach for.

From left:  LorealYouth Code Skin Illuminator SPF 20
Shiseido Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector SPF 43
philosophy no reason to hide skin tone perfecting moisturizer SPF 20
Neutrogena healthy skin anti-aging perfector SPF 30

Many, many days I am in the house and only out and about occasionally to water the plants, garden and take pictures in the sun as well as walk the neighborhood. I don't like to put on a full face of makeup on these kind of days, yet my face has hyperpigmentation and redness inherently. So grabbing a tube of good stuff to cover the basics lets me look like I actually have a healthy face!

SPF is a huge part of my skincare repertoire although it hasn't always been that way. Up until my 30's I just soaked up that sun without a thought. I live in Texas and there is no way OUT of the sun lol. When my hyperpigmentation got worse and I had 3 family members with skin cancer, SPF became my friend. So I started picking up the ones that multitask and these are the top picks.

Loreal Skin Illuminator is especially good for when I woke up looking like death warmed over. It has a subtle sheen to the white that turns into my shade face balm. It's weird how these products that start out white and adjust to your face tone work, but I'm not knocking it because it looks good when I need a jump start to the death mask!

If I am going to be out in the sun quite a bit, the Shiseido tinted UV Protection is the one I grab. It doesn't take long to apply, leaves a slightly matte but dewy face and the SPF is especially necessary. It's oil free and doesn't dry out my face. Even when I sweat something fierce, this just does the trick.

The philosophy no reason to hide is just an everyday running around the house base that makes me feel better if I have to answer the door and not look like a lazy crazy lady lol!

Neutrogena anti-aging perfector is new and I picked this up a month ago at my local Walgreen's. What caught my eye was that it has a retinol treatment in it along with the SPF and as a mature face, who doesn't want that extra kick of help!!! It evens my tone, dries down and doesn't move. Even when I sweat! It purports to help my skin over time and products that work more for your skin over the long run won't hurt my feelings.

Do you have that go to base for a quick face that multitasks with SPF? Have you tried any of these? Do tell!!!

\Blessings, Sherry