Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Philosophy help me retinol day treatment lotion with SPF

Girls Philosophy ROCKS! The Purity made Simple face wash is soothing, and has been in my skincare rotation for over 2 years now. Hope in a Jar is a great lightweight moisturizer that is a pleasure to apply. This Help Me retinol day treatment lotion with an SPF30 is a gem of a product. Not only does it absorb really well, it doesn't leave me greasy in spite of the SPF. Texas heat and sun is brutal and there isn't a day I don't apply sunscreen. I learned my lesson and have sunspots on my cheek that refuse to budge and now sunscreen is a MUST.

Add to the mix, retinol which makes me feel good that I am treating as well as preventing is a bonus. All in all, Philosophy and their mission to live life with curiosity, wisdom and abundant joy resonates with me.

Check out, their fragrances and shower gels are to die for! and both carry Philosophy products and have sales frequently.

I for one, will continue to use Philosophy and see the effective results in my skincare. Have a good one ladies! Sherry