Sunday, March 2, 2014

A serious post

As a nurse there are several things that I feel are super important that should be talked about. The conversation that I want to start and is necessary is about living wills. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a document that states in blunt terms what you want and not want done in the case of an emergency. Unless you have a power of attorney, someone who is able to make decisions for you when you are unable, a living will gives you the choices.

Case in point: A patient came into the ER comatose after a head injury. He was an adult and had no living will, although he had told his family members that if something happened to him he wanted no life support, feeding tubes and aggressive measures taken if his prognosis was dire. The family wanted all measures done and he now lives in a vegetative state.

Living wills do NOT mean that medical personnel won't try and do everything necessary to save your life. It just means that if the future looks bleak that you will not have unnecessary procedures done at great cost and emotional pain for your family. When you go to the hospital and even some doctor's offices, they will ask you if you have a living will.

I know that most of us think that will "never happen to me", "I'm too young", "I'll think about it later" but you never know when something may happen and preparation is key. I know this is not your usual beauty related post but I felt compelled to write about it and hope that you give it some thought. Life is too short and precious, be proactive for your life!!

Blessing to you and yours, Sherry