Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bag lady

I was looking through my makeup bags and most of them are gift with purchase bags, sale bags and this picture only shows a part of them! I love them though. They are storage for lippies, samples and trade-outs in my purse when one bag is boring to me. I love the colors and textures and sizes of each of them. I use them to travel, put in my work bag and some even carry snacks for when I am out of the house for an extended period of time. My husband has started to call me the bag lady and I suppose if the shoe fits :)! It amazes me at how I even separate makeup in them. Some carry eyeliner pencils, gels etc; some carry concealers, some carry blush and on and on and on.

I love when Christmas rolls around and the kits come together with a certain amount of products. Sometimes I have been known to buy something just for this bag! So this year I decided to use some of the bags to make my own product sampler for gifts to the women in my family as well as my friends. What better way to pass them along and let someone get usage out of them and get some goodies in them as well.

Are you a bag lady? Do you think that goodie bags for Christmas is a good idea? Let me know your thoughts! Have a blessed day, Sherry

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Lip sets from Sephora

These are just a few of the multiple lip sets that Sephora is carrying this year. I am an admitted lipstick, gloss, pencil addict. I have trouble keeping a lipstick to stay on my lips past the 2 hour mark and am on a quest for the best and longest lasting lippie. The Bite products do not last very long however they are very nourishing and a blast to re-apply. They also have some gorgeous colors. I have read, researched and tried Bite products and know that they are good for me in that I am not "eating" toxic lipstick! OCC Lip tars on the other hand, last a lot longer and although a bit sticky, I find that they have stamina on my lips. They also have some outrageous colors and you are able to mix and match them for a unique look.

Head on over to Sephora and check these out, prices to follow:
Bite Best of Beauty $25
Bite Beauty The Lip kit $38
OCC Mini Lip Tar set $20

I am like a kid in a candy store every morning trying to choose what I will wear that day and even change up my color midday :).

Let it be known that a lipstick can change your outlook and mood, pop a bright color on and smile!!! Sherry

Urban Decay Shattered Face Case Review

Eyeshadows L-R
Shakedown- shimmery dark grey (shimmer is finely milled)
Nameless- dark eggplant purple (shimmer is finely milled)
Minor Sin- light grey (minimal amount shimmer)
Bleach- tan with light shimmer
Remix- matte yellow based vanilla

Super Saturated Lip color pencil- creamy nude baby pink

24/7 Glide On eye pencil-Zero- carbon black

Blushes L-R
Temper-light mauve pink
Overexposed-bright baby pink

Highlighter-Glint-light bronze with finely milled shimmer

Urban Decay's popular Shattered Face Case comes on the heels of the Anarchy Face Case and from what I have read is just as popular. Anarchy is cool based whereas Shattered is warm. It is double decker with eyeshadows on top and blushes on bottom with the lip pencil attainable from either level. It is rather bulky but small enough to fit in a purse or travel bag. The clasps are tight and takes a moment to open, be careful using your nails! The eye pencil is on the top level. I love the "shattered" illusion on the front of the case with the purple Urban decay logo and a purple case. The eyeshadows are buttery soft and the color payoff is exceptional. The blushes have exceptional color payoff as well and a light hand is needed when applying. They do last well through my 12 hour shift at work, especially as I use a face primer and eye primer before application.

I am excited to own this palette and have a lot of fun creating looks for work and play. Urban Decays products are well made and fun and worth the $44 price tag. Who knows, you may be able to score this on Black Friday for a better price. Let me know if you have the Shattered Face Case or whether you will be getting it!

Happy Thanksgiving week! Blessings, Sherry

Magazines are like school work!

I love to browse magazines. Not just beauty and fashion magazines, but craft, jewelry, home and book magazines as well. In the past I would read them and then pass them along, either to doctors waiting rooms, senior centers, friends and family. Then I would remember an article or ad and not remember where I saw it and wish that I had at least written it down. Now I have a flex folder that I keep articles, ads, recipes, how to's and fashion ideas. It makes it so easy to dip into my folder when an idea strikes me or I need to make something different for dinner or I would really like to know how to wear those cute booties I just bought. Yes, it feels a little like homework but fun homework! I don't have a stack of magazines in the way, yet the information that I want is right at my fingertips. I do go through the file about once a month and clean out and reorganize, giving me another look at some cool ideas and outfits.

Do you keep magazine articles? Files or a computer folder?

On an end note, the older I have gotten and a little bit wiser, I know that the images in the glossies are not at all what "real women" look like on the whole. We are all different sizes, shapes, colors and styles. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to dress or look I have found. It has become so liberating to own who I am and how I am and love me for me, all the quirks and idiosyncrasies. How fun today it is to play with the makeup and clothing and walk out the door feeling confident inside. I may not fit someone's ideal but it is mine today.

Remember girls, we are awesome, unique, beautiful creatures! Smile, it's all you!!! Sherry

Monday, November 25, 2013

On the Clarins Flash Balm Bandwagon

After thorough research and reading reviews, I made the jump to the Flash Balm bandwagon. As a woman of the after 40 age :)I wanted something that would give me a little pick me up without the glitter or over the top shimmer. I do like subtle highlighter and that is my Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in 04. I read how to apply this for a primer, a mask and also for a "pick me up". I tried it as a primer underneath my makeup and patted it on as suggested and then put my makeup on and I have to say that it worked very well for me and I noticed my face didn't look as dry today. Texas has hit a little cold front with massive wind and it has been in the 30's. My face is the first to get dry and patchy and my makeup can look very "old" instead of fresh when it gets cold out. This actually helped it to look fresh and dewy (in a good way:). Later on this afternoon, I patted a bit on my cheeks and nose and was surprised that it actually made my face bright and fresh all over again.

Although it's pricey ($45) ,for a 1.7oz tube, I find you don't need much per usage. Also with my research some people stated that using it made their face break out because it "smothers" the face and doesn't "breathe" well. I will probably use this sparingly until I have a good testing as to how my face will handle this product. The fragrance was offputting to some and although it doesn't bother me, it is a bit strong in a flowery way. It does dissipate some as the day wears on.

Has anyone used this? How do you like it? Leave a comment if you like and let me know your experience! Have a blessed Thanksgiving week and be safe if you travel. Sherry

Saturday, November 23, 2013

ADORAtherapy "Smart" Gal on the Go Mood Boost

This sample was provided by courtesy of

I received the sample of "Gal on the Go Mood Boost" spray in "Smart". This is a brand new collection of Mood Boost sprays by the Opus Gaia and company. It has topnotes of Lemon and Grapefruit and is light enough to not bother those that have sensitive noses, yet just right to achieve the intended purpose. I enjoyed the smell of the spray immediately and have been using it every day for a week along with reading the affirmation. Each mood boost spray comes with an affirmation; "Smart" affirmation: "I am a confident, articulate problem solver. I command my brilliance and determination to succeed in all situations". I will have a follow up to this post in another couple of weeks with my experience with the mood boost spray in "Smart".

NEW Gal on Go Mood Boost™ — 7 sprays let you be ready to take life on without slowing you down! Make sure you’re in a great mood when you take on the day!

-- ADORAtherapy Mood Boost™ is a line of aromatic sprays that invigorate and bring balance to your senses. The well-balanced power of mindfully selected essential oils has been proven to relax and realign your emotions.

Adora Winquist, CEO, Founder and Chief Formulator of ADORAtherapy Mood Boost™, has pioneered the combination of aromatherapy and energetic healing, creating formulas with aromatics made from plant products around the world to stimulate the senses in a way that awakens the joys and passions of humanity.

The ADORAtherapy Mood Boost™ products have been featured on Dr. Oz’s website: YOUbeauty as “Aromatherapy That Really Works” ( . Beauty Store Magazine has awarded them Best Seller status. The brand has also been featured in the New York Post, Open Sky, Livi ng Smart Girl, Jet and many more publications and websites.

If you pledge a certain amount today by going to their website:
Adoratherapy will send you the following prizes:

PLEDGE $5 or more — “Adore Yourself™ “ Wristband, made of 100% silicone

PLEDGE $15 or more — Gal on the Go Mood Boost™ in your choice of 7 scents

PLEDGE $30 or more — Travel & Office Good Mood Boost™ (120 ml size/10 ml)

PLEDGE $35 or more — Gal On The Go Mood Boost™ Spray & Screen-Printed T-Shirt

PLEDGE $45 or more — Gal On The Go Mood Boost™ Spray & Two Tone Deluxe Tote Bag

Check out their website and the products that they have already formulated and those that they are about to launch. Please pledge if you would like to try this up and coming brand!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening, Sherry

Monday, November 11, 2013

Rainy day, frizzy hair fix

My hair is super thin and tends to look thick but feels sparse. This week we have gotten several storm systems and within an hour of fixing my hair, poof it gets a bit puffy! (And not in a good way:() I have several hair products that I found works well without my hair getting completely flat or greasy, a common problem for those of us with thin fine hair. The first product I bought from my local Walmart and I use on my wet hair before drying. The Nexxus Youth Renewal Serum, a few drops mixed in my hand and then put in my wet hair before drying keeps it soft without making it limp. On other days, Crack Styling Treatment, (yep that name says it all :) also works to keep my hair soft non frizzy without being limp. Then the final one is Alterna Kendi Bamboo Dry Oil is wonderful for not only making my hair soft but cuts down my hair drying time and the damage that could be caused from over drying. So what are your favorite hair secrets? Would love to know! Leave a comment below and have a blessed week!