Sunday, December 1, 2013

Maybelline The Elixir lip gloss

L-R swatches
Amethyst Potion
Rose Redefined
Fuscia Flourish

I have heard the buzz surrounding these glosses for weeks it seems. So, I got 3 of them to see for myself what the hubbub was about. My initial impression is they glide on like a balm, kind of thick but not sticky. They have a slight flowery odor but dissipates quickly. The longevity is not good, it lasts about like a regular gloss; however, they do leave a slight stain behind which is nice. The Fuscia Flourish had the nicest color and longest lasting stain left. The Rose Redefined is hard to get a good color out of and takes several coats. Overall they are nice to wear and if you don't mind reapplying regularly they are pretty packaging to carry in your pocket or purse. I am such a lipstick, lip gloss and lip crayon addict but these I wouldn't repurchase because of the necessity of reapplying.

Have you checked these out? What are your impressions, let me know! Sherry