Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holy Grail foundation found me....

I originally received a sample of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk and it sat unused for a long time. I have heard awesome stuff about this foundation and the Maestro as well. 2 days ago I tried the sample and let me tell you it is the absolute most sensuous beautiful foundation I have ever tried. There have been many many foundations in my lifetime that have impressed and made me love them, however none have grabbed me the minute it was on my face and then delivered impressive results throughout the day. I didn't think the color was quite right and went to the department store to get matched and they gave me 2 more generous size samples. I have worn the foundation every day and then made the split second decision to buy the full size.

Part of me thinks that this should be worn only for special occasions as it is very pricey. The other part of me says nope use it! I have put so much back for "special occasions" and this year I am going to use my fun and beautiful pieces of makeup hiding in my considerable stash!

Have you used Luminous Silk foundation? Do you have a HG foundation?

Thanks for reading the blog......Sherry