Monday, December 16, 2013

My favorite BB and CC creams

Ole Henriksen perfect truth cc crème
Vichy Pro Even Mineral BB Cream
Ponds Luminous Finish BB Cream
Lumene CC Cream
Smashbox camera ready CC Cream

In the summer these are quick easy and great coverage without being too heavy. Texas gets reaaalllllyyy hot and I need something that works but doesn't make me look heavily made up. Enter the BB and CC creams. I didn't even try these out when they were first touted in the blogosphere and in all ads. I kind of sat back and watched and listened and this last summer I went out and swatched and tried and read all the reviews.

The Ole Henriksen CC cream is a bit thicker and really is more full coverage and I really must use a moisturizer underneath to combat the dryness that I notice. It has an SPF 30 and smells like an orange dreamsicle! It lasts all day for me without touch ups.

Vichy Mineral BB cream is light and a bit runny, sheer medium coverage and is not drying at all. It has an SPF 20. It can look a little shiny for me, a little powder on my t-zone takes care of it and it lasts most of the day for me.

The Ponds Luminous BB cream is a dream! It is healthy dewy, sheer but builds from medium to great coverage and is not drying at all. It has an SPF 15. It lasts all day and I absolutely love how it feels on my face. It is my favorite of them all!

Lumene CC cream is my next favorite as it is also creamy, healthy dewy look and non-drying. It has an SPF 20 and can be sheer to medium coverage. It lasts all day. It has Arctic Lingonberry, smells wonderful and seems to actively help my skin when I wear it.

Last but not least is Smashbox camera ready CC cream. It is heavier coverage than most, a bit dry and needs moisturizer underneath. It has SPF 30. It lasts ALL day for sure and has a dark spot correcting component. It also takes the place of primer as well.

All in all I am impressed with some of the BB and CC creams out there and on the days when I want to get out the door fairly quickly and look decent as well as have some sun protection, these work wonders.
I know that the older skin (for me anyway) looks better sheerer and not cakey and dewy is always better than dry! I may have just bought in to the alphabet soup creams!!!!

What are your favorite BB and CC creams? Have you bought into the craze? Sherry