Saturday, December 14, 2013

Correcting powder face-off

I adore Guerlain products and have the Terracotta in Blonde 04 and use it everyday. I have been tempted on more than one occasion to purchase this product but couldn't quite convince myself even after healthy swatching at the counter and using one of my brushes to dust across my face. I ran across the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Correcting Powder in Translucent at and thought hmmmm maybe I will try this and see if it gives me that sheer non-powdery cover that I sometimes need for redness that gets overwhelming during the day (hello frickin hot flashes I'm lookin at you). I brought it home and was surprised at how light it is, it's mineral after all and that made it very light and non-chalky. You can just about see the different color swirls in the pan, but it is very sheer compared to the color in the Guerlain powder. I like it and it has proven not to chalk or cake up as I use it although I don't just rashly make that decision lol.

I adore my high end products and splurge rather regularly however, I also love a beauty bargain and there are times that you just find a really good one. This one is by no means an HG product, but I love its sheer ability to not cake up and covers quite well my redness. There just may be a day that I will jump at Guerlain again and get this powder but until then......this Physicians Formula mineral powder resides in my handbag.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone regularly used the Guerlain and love/hate it? Let me know in the comments. Would love to hear from you!! Sherry