Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A surprising Suave lotion

Suave Advanced Therapy Body lotion- relieves severely dry skin

Both my husband and I use hand lotion daily. As a nurse I wash my hands a billion times a day, my husband is handling cardboard and paper daily as UPS driver and his hands crack and get terribly dry. We are constantly on the hunt for good hand and body lotions. Then this little gem showed up in my box and I kid you not, my husband used it immediately and without equivocation told me to buy a huge vat of this!!! It is not too thin, not too thick, and takes absolutely no time to sink in to the skin and its not greasy. Hmmmmm, we have used expensive and thick and oily and well let me just say girls this is a drugstore find with a trusted company and it works period. It now has place of honor on my husbands bedside table and I have a feeling I will never get to use it again LOL!

Suave makes good products and if you are looking for a great lotion that sinks in and works very well, grab you some during this winter months and watch pretty moist supple hands happen!