Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Skin saver for sure!!!!

I gave in to the urge and told my husband about a year ago that I wanted a Clarisonic. Ulta had an awesome sale with a bag and a face cleanser along with my purple color Clarisonic. I jumped on the sale and started using it immediately and haven't looked back!

At first I was concerned it would be too harsh (this from a woman who used multiple physical scrubs weekly:). It was gentle and worked absolute wonders on my skin from the beginning. I saw that my skin got deeper cleaned and there was no residual makeup left after cleansing and the dry patches were totally gone. Now that its winter, I use it every other day and it is gentle enough to help with the windburn dry and patchy skin that winter can bring. I love my Clarisonic!!!

I know there are less expensive versions out there and yet I am so glad that I got this one. Do you use a brush to clean your skin? Do you have a Clarisonic? Leave me your thoughts below, would love to hear from you! Sherry