Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Philosophy winter game changers

Amazing Grace perfumed olive oil body scrub
Miracle Worker lactic acid cleanser and mask

I just recently (compared to the rest of the world:) got involved and loving Philosophy products. Ulta always has wonderful gift sets around Christmas time and I got several different product sets. Facial and body and perfume oh my!!!! After doing some research the lactic acid cleanser came home with me. Peels, exfoliants, acid and lactic masks are something I use once a week. I am welllllll over 40 and know that the better I treat my skin with skincare and regular maintenance, it seems to treat me back a lot better. I can either wash my face with this or place a good layer on and leave it for 2-3 minutes as a mask. Either way, I noticed brighter, cleaner and less broken out skin when I use this.

The Amazing Grace perfume has been one of my lighter staples and when QVC was having a Philosophy event, they were selling these huge bottles of the shower gel and scrub. I am so glad I bought this because as I have confessed I am not that great taking care of my body skin :(. This makes it easy, luxurious and takes care of my skin in the shower a couple of times a week. Great for the winter time dry skin blues! Smells amazing lol.

Philosophy is a regular staple in my skincare and bodycare now and I always feel a little decadent using them. They are an awesome brand and if you go to their website you will love their mission statement and "philosophy". Ulta and Sephora both carry them as well. Have a great week! Sherry