Saturday, December 28, 2013

My first foray into Naked palette territory!

I have many many Urban Decay products that I use daily and I love all of them. However, my confession is that I have never bought a Naked palette for myself and although lusted after them never made the jump until I saw the Naked 3 palette. Oh my these are colors that I love and wear and although some of the more shimmery ones scare me because of crepey lids, I think I will wear them sheerly and in strategic places! This palette has been talked about, raved about and sold out in minutes. Then in my local Ulta there they were, a bunch of them on a table and I walked right past and didn't even entertain the notion. Then I walked back and looked a bit closer and then picked it up, set it down and then because it was right on the table on the way to the register (where REALLY I was just there to pick up a No 7 Glycolic Peel kit, review to come) I went ahead and grabbed it and now it is home.

I just got the IT Cosmetics Matte Palette and that should have been enough palette for the year (who am I kidding?). So along with my theme of putting some spark into my life and playing a bit more and challenging old rules, I will make the year 2014 even more colorful and fun because, hey! life is short and the older you get the more you can see that all the times you didn't have a little fun, were wasted.

I am not into making huge resolutions anymore at the beginning of the year, I have just made a weekly goal list to ponder upon and put into motion. This year is no different but there will be more using that beautiful palette or lipstick or illuminator and finding Sherry in the midst of all!

Hope you have a blessed and happy weekend! Sherry