Thursday, December 5, 2013

High Heel Help

I love my high heels and sometimes my feet swell and the back of my heel gets rubbed raw along with the tops of my feet from cute sandals. I have used band-aids and tape and they look a bit weird. So I researched how to protect and prevent these unsightly and painful spots. Enter Mission Blister Armour Anti-friction balm and Band-Aid Friction Balm. Using these has significantly aided the blisters and painful spots from wearing my beautiful heels! I bought both, one for my purse and one for home to use prior to going out. I am impressed that they work so well and if I need to re-apply it is easy and quick. I know that a woman probably invented these however that is not a known fact :). I am happy to let you know that these are available at your local drugstore and Walmart. Not wearing my heels because they cause blisters is not an option so these are an easy option for those of us that has to have our shoes make an outfit. Check them out! Sherry