Friday, December 20, 2013

Awesome and needed sunscreens for Texas

I have learned the hard way about wearing sunscreen. I have some serious sunspots to the left side of my face that despite lightening treatments and peels refuse to budge. Yes they have lightened but stubbornly persist. However, I have to have sunscreens that don't break me out and make my skin feel like its suffocating! Trial and error and I found the best for my skin and thought I would share!

Although ROC Multi Correxion Lift is a moisturizer it has an impressive SPF 30 and combines 2 steps in one for my morning routine. Surprisingly it dries quickly, doesn't leave a white cast to my face and feels wonderful. It has not broken me out and that means a lot to me. The fragrance is light and negligible.

The Neutrogena Age Shield Face with helioplex with an SPF of 70 is for when I am out hiking, fishing or spending major time outside. It is supposed to help with anti-aging and trust me I will take it! It's a little thicker and takes some time to sink in, but am intrigued that there is an anti-aging component and Neutrogena is a trusted brand.

Mineral Fusion Brush on Sun Defense with an SPF 30 is great for touch up while out and tones down sweat and reminds me of Bare Minerals. It is not cakey and I love that it makes me look made up without makeup. Great for my out and about bag.

LaRoche-Posay is by far the most expensive but well worth the money. The Anthelios Mineral fluid with an SPF 50 is tinted and I love it looks like base when I am on the beach or hiking or fishing without all the fuss of makeup. Sinks in quick, looks smooth and lasts.

The Anthelios sunscreen cream with an SPF 40 is thicker and definitely has a white cast but doesn't break me out and works well for serious sun exposure.

Last but not least is the Shiseido powder sun compact that I picked up at Dillards. I read reviews on it and love the touch up sunscreen abilities that it affords. I do have to be careful not to overuse as it tends to cake up on my face and make me look like a 90 year old with her powder layered! This one was pure spontaneous buy lol, but I love it nonentheless.

Do you have some favorite sunscreens that don't break you out and work wonders? Let me know in the comments below. Happy holidays!!!! SHERRY