Monday, February 3, 2014

My first foray into MAC territory

MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Fix+

Surprise of all surprises, I have never bought or tried MAC before! I have read tons of blog reviews, seen lots of ads and had friends tell me that MAC is awesome. I have been to their counter and have swatched and played with the products but never had my own. The 2 products that intrigued me were the strobe cream and the Fix+ and so I thought I would purchase the small sizes and try them out.

I am very happy with the strobe cream as it is not too "glittery" or made my face shiny like an oil slick. I was impressed when I used it 2 different ways. One was I mixed it with my foundation and it gave a very subtle glow. Secondly I used it as a highlighter and continued to be impressed as it was easy and very pretty. It takes very little and I think the small tube will last me for quite some time. I purchased it for $10 at Nordstrom.

The Fix+ was also something I have heard about for eons. I generally use less expensive setting sprays so was a bit apprehensive to purchase it. I also purchased this at Nordstrom for $10. It worked well and although I was impressed, my less expensive alternatives do just as well in my opinion. The time I will really see if it works is summer time as that is when I have a hard time getting makeup to stay.

There may be more MAC purchases in my future, however; I have so many other brands that keep me happy and they are less expensive and to me are comparable in color and longevity. Who knows, I may become a MAC addict :)!

What are your thoughts on these products? Do tell!!! Sherry