Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ulta Rewards-New System

I love Ulta yet I wasn't really happy with their reward program. It was a bit complicated when you tried to pick and choose between the products that were in different levels. I was really excited when I received my catalog in the mail and it gave the information about the new rewards program.

Here's what Ulta has to say:
SHOP: Earn one point for every dollar you spend in store, online or at the Salon at Ulta.
PLAY: Redeem points on any product you want. High end skincare, everyday mascara, fragrances.
POINTS ADD UP QUICKLY: Earn bonus points on specific products or entire purchases on special days. Plus earn DOUBLE POINTS during your birthday month.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU: Get a free full size signature CK One mascara for your birthday.
IT'S EASY: Track points on receipts or at They're good for a whole year.
PRETTY HAS IT'S PRIVILEGES: Members get access to exclusive mailers, emails, coupons and invites to special events.
GO PLATINUM: Spend $400 within a calendar year and upgrade to Platinum status. Earn points 25% faster. Receive an additional birthday gift. Points never expire when you're Platinum!

Here's how the points work:
Redeem points
100= $3 off merchandise
250= $8
500= $17.50
750= $30

So ladies what do you think? Does this sound like something that will be more incentive to get more things from Ulta? Are you a member of rewards programs? Let me know your thoughts, would love to know the details!!! Sherry