Friday, February 28, 2014

Bronzer Brightens My winter slump

Guerlain 4 Seasons Blonde
Lorac Tantalizer Bronzer
Hourglass Waterproof Bronzer

Old man winter has kicked my butt this year and I am looking forward to nicer temperatures and sunny days! The older I get the more I see sallowness in my skin and no great definition on my face. I have used bronzers off and on for a long time and noticed that I was using them in the wrong colors and way. I did a lot of research online, watched Youtube videos. I found that matte bronzers like Hourglass really work well for defining my cheekbones and jaw line. The Lorac has a small amount of shimmer that really makes my face look lit up and soft. The Guerlain Four Seasons gives me several tones to play with and is pure luxury to use.

I have learned how to place the bronzer on my face, remembering to make a swipe down my neck to keep from having that glaringly obvious white neck and along the jaw line to define. I know to stay away from really orange looking ones as they make me look sickly and too dark as I look like I have a dirty face! Sonia Kashuk also has a great cream bronzer that goes on smoothly and looks really natural.

I finish with putting a pop of color on the apples of my cheek and I almost feel like summer!!! Bronzer is a multifaceted and great product to really make a difference when its gray and nasty out. It makes me smile bigger and feel a little more bouncy as I go about my day.

How do you feel about bronzer and have you mastered the art of applying? I am sure all of my beautiful readers want winter to go away and leave us to play in the sun. Have a great week and have fun! Thanks for stopping by the blog :) Sherry