Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend Pampering with GlamGlow YouthMud Tinglexfoliant Treatment

Don't you love the mask face picture? LOL What we do in the name of our blogs :)

This has been a super exhausting work in my nursing world and I decided that this weekend would be replete with the most laid back and yeppers selfish kind of me time. Consistent with my continuing skincare journey and taking steps to prevent, protect and nourish I decided that it was time for a good mask! I had a couple of great sample sizes of the GlamGlow YouthMud mask I got from Sephora. They are quite generous in size and considering the full jar of these are quite pricey, the samples will last for at least a couple of months.

First let me tell you that applying this mask is kind of freaky feeling. It contains what feels like leaves and twigs and mud of course! It is not a smooth mask but as you can tell by the picture it goes on nice and green and wet. Then it starts to dry and gets light green and really tight. Even though it says Tinglexfoliate in the name it didn't tingle at all for me and the latter part of the name is true in that when you wash this mask off the bits and pieces in the mask do have an exfoliating effect.

This product is "high in volcanic ash, super anti-oxidants and minerals" according to their website. This would be why it is an interesting texture when applied!

Let me tell you ladies, this stuff made my face soft and a brighter immediately. It did dry my skin out quite a bit, but my skincare that includes a serum and a good moisturizer took care of that really well! All in all I really like this mask, I tend to use moisturizing masks more especially during the winter however; there is always a need for my face to get a good deep vacuum once in awhile and this does it well.

I have heard that there is a new GlamGlow Moisturizing mask and I need to look into that as well. You can get this at and I know that Sephora has a good deal when they have the buy the bag with 5 sample products and this is how I got the generous size tubes.

Have you used the GlamGlow Mud masks? Love the feedback and would love to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by the blog, Sherry!