Saturday, February 15, 2014

Giorgio Armani Maestro

The generous samples that I received from the Armani counter for the Luminous Silk and the Maestro makeups stole my face and heart. In an earlier post I told you that I purchased the Luminous Silk in shade 5.25 and absolutely adore it. I have gotten lots of compliments and that is worth every penny of the $62 I spent. Once I finished the Luminous Silk sample, I went to the Maestro sample. Again, total love and lots of compliments. Back to the Armani counter I went and they were out of the liquid foundation. So I purchased the Maestro Fusion makeup compact and found out that it has an SPF 29 whereas Luminous Silk doesn't have SPF. They didn't have shade 5.25 so I went up to 5.5 and it actually matched pretty well. The compact is pure Armani with the magnetic closure, pretty solid black compact and double layer. Top layer has the silky foundation and the bottom layer has a small brush. I prefer to use a sponge or my fingers so the brush will be used for setting powder. Maestro was a bit more expensive at $65. I was happy to have the compact as they are so portable and no mess to apply.

Previously I had purchased Armani Fluid Sheers in #4 and #2, they were my first Armani purchases and although pricey, I found that Armani was a very well made and talked about product line. I did lots of research as to how to use them and what the best colors were for what I wanted to use them for. They are beautiful additions to my daily makeup routine!

I purchased these at The third time I went to their counter I was treated quite condescendingly and sent an email to the PR at Neiman Marcus. Just because I may not "look" like the wealthy people who shop there doesn't mean my money isn't as good and spends just as well. I had asked for a sample of the Armani primer to see if I would like it and possibly purchase it. Not only did the salesman look at me askance, he gave me such a small squirt of the primer that I was unable to use it to see if it worked. I am not out for samples however, the samples I got before, they prompted me to purchase the products I use now and love. Very disappointing to be treated that way especially after giving him $69 cash!

All in all Armani products are awesome and I love using them and I will tell my friends and family about them!

Do you give out your hard earned money for high end products? What do you think about Armani products? Do let me know about your experiences with this brand and the high end department stores. Have a blessed week and have fun! Sherry