Monday, February 10, 2014

Josie Moran products rock!

Josie Moran Argan Creamy Concealer Crayon

I have been on an almost 30 year search for a great undereye concealer that is not to dry, doesn't emphasize crepiness or fine lines and isn't too thick. Over the years I have found a few that I use daily and love. While I was browsing in Sephora I saw this and started to play with it. Ohhhhhhhhh let me tell ya, it is creamy, pigmented and none too thick. The Argan oil definitely make it super moisturized and slides on really beautifully. I purchased Light 2 as I like to get concealers that are a little darker. I don't want reverse raccoon eyes! I was also impressed with the longevity as I was concerned that because of the Argan oil it would slide off. It lasted most of the day and I only had to pat a small amount on to refresh it.

Being a pencil type concealer was another bonus as its easy to carry and fits in the smallest pocket or purse. I am impressed and have used it quite a bit. Josie Maran products are very good and natural.

Do you use her products? What are your thoughts? Would love to know, leave me a comment below. If you have other concealers that you love, be sure and let me know as I will continue my search for the one that gives me the best usage! Have a blessed day! Sherry