Saturday, February 22, 2014

A little about me......

Howdy ya'll!! I have had a few inquiring minds want to know a little about me and here are the key highlights that makes up Sherry :).

My very first Moto jacket that I was able to snag at H&M. I love that tough vibe with the leather and zippers along with a pretty purple pop of color. My husband loved it on me and asked why I hadn't got one before :) because I live in scrubs!!!

I have been married 18 years in August of this year (divorce is not an option but murder has come to mind LOL)
I have 3 sons, 22, 24 and 26 and 2 stepchildren 21 and 12 (yeah don't ask it gets complicated:) It's kind of the his and her blended family!
I have been a nurse 20 years, ER for most of it, the last 5 years in hospice crises care nursing. I LOVE being a nurse.
I was born in Texas but have lived in South America for almost 4 years when I was a teenager, I still speak Spanish a lot at work.
Purple is the best color in the whole wide world and makes me smile.
Reading is an awesome addiction I have, I read a couple of books a week and have since I got my first library card at age 6.
Jewelry making and journaling along with scrapbooking are relaxing hobbies that I try to find time to do on a regular basis.

My blog was an expression of conversations I was having with my girlfriends and my nurse cohorts developing over a year and I jumped in and did it and love every minute of blogging. What better way to get to know some awesome ladies and to learn about new products, techniques and great skincare advice? Although that has not contributed to my unnecessary spending ban HA!

I didn't wear makeup for a long time when I was younger because I was such a tomboy and running with 3 sons and for some reason at age 36 I became girly girl and loved every dang thing about makeup and skincare and perfume and I went NUTS I tell ya! It's been a fun ride though and I love every minute of this journey.

Let me tell ya ladies, ya'll have been so much fun to blog for and I can't say thank you enough for following me on Bloglovin. Keep checking in as I have more stuff to show and tell in the very near future. Would love to hear from you, have a great weekend! Sherry