Friday, February 28, 2014

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail

How cool is this muslin bag that says "Secret Weapon In The War Against Aging" and has a skincare duo from Time Bomb? I received this to try and am super excited because this duo is used to reboot, detox and transform your skin where it might be stressed.

Here's what they say about each product.
Take Off Time Cleansing Cream:
-At a certain age, your skin stops sloughing off dead surface cells that make your complexion look dull and old. This creams unique magnesium oxide crystals gently lift away the top layer of skin every time you cleanse, revealing freshest, youngest skin beneath.

Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyl
-Apply Complexion Cocktail to reboot, detox, , instantly transform your skin. This breakthrough blend of high tech actives is supercharged with a special potent shot to fix the effects of stress or fatigue that show up on your!

A detoxifying powerhouse giving skin an instant reprieve from constant onslaught of free radicals inside and out. Formulated to reduce the effect of toxins that contribute to premature aging. Check out the website and read up on their products, they are so cool. I am excited to wash my face tonight with this and end the day with a shot of great ingredients to ease the stress due to smoke, pollution, sleepless nights and life in general. I love products that have a specific purpose and these definitely speak to that.

Have a great day girls and keep your skin beautiful!! Sherry