Sunday, April 27, 2014

Traveling light

I had a little break from blog posting this last week as I was traveling to see my family in San Antonio and go to a ladies retreat. It was a relaxing and much needed get away. I noticed that where as I usually do a full face of makeup most all the time, while I was away, I was bare minimum fresh faced. It felt really good to just put on sunscreen tinted moisturizer, mascara, a pop of blush and great lip color. Sometimes that is necessary and just so good for my face to breathe and so easy to clean.

Not only did I get a little physical break from work, but I got a spiritual refresher which is the basis for good mental health for me. I love being able to see my family as well and had great fun with my mom, sister and aunt at the retreat laughing so much!

I was excited to see that I have new followers of my blog and thank each of you for following along this journey! I hope you enjoy the week to come and take some time to relax and be good to yourself! Thanks for stopping by, Sherry