Sunday, April 27, 2014

Aviva Hair Revitalizer Supplement

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What woman doesn't want thicker, stronger, healthier hair? I sure do and was delighted when this product was sent to me for review. I have ultra fine hair that does grow pretty rapidly, yet isn't very strong. I tend to have to use lots of hair product to "tame" it. This supplement by Aviva is specially formulated for advanced hair growth as well as helping to have longer, stronger, thicker beautiful looking hair. It is 100% drug free and has extra-strength dual complex of PENTAPLEX HGF and TETRA HHL made with active-all-natural ingredients in a fish free softgel that is easy to take and odorless, A must have supplement for your beauty routine. AVIVA provides the valuable nutrition that supports hair regeneration. It is scientifically formulated hair revitalizer that stimulates your own natural hair growth cycle 6 mm beneath the scalp surface, enriching and enhancing for stronger, thicker and beautiful looking hair.

I have begun to take it daily and am looking forward to seeing how it helps with my hair. The older I get the more I like the ability to aid my hair, nails and skin with natural and internal products that help with the overall health that shines on the outside!

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Check out their website, I was impressed with the testimonials and before and after pictures. Makes me excited to see just how this will work for me! Ladies have a great week and let me know what you think, Sherry