Saturday, April 5, 2014

Not just your average lip balm ladies!!!

29 by Lydia Mondavi Wine Blot Lip Balm-avail Target

Ok ladies, I have confessed my serious lippie addiction. Lipsticks, pencils, glosses, balms, stains, etc. etc. amen :). I rarely ever go anywhere without having one in my pocket and about 10 in my purse that is a mix of all of the above type. Now I have had some really pretty lip balms, in pretty jars, small cylinders and even pencil type. But let me tell you how I felt when I opened up the package to this lip balm. WOW was my first thought because this lip balm was in a heavy silver colored case with a brown ribbon of color around it. A gorgeous stamp on the top of the 29 brand. I was kinda shocked I have to admit. I was not expecting to have such a beautiful case to house a lip balm!

The brand says of this Wine Blot lip balm: The ultimate lip treatment, lip care beyond just moisturizing and protecting. Intense hydrating formula will become vital to your perfect pout. The restorative and rejuvenating rewards of the ultimate lip balm will have lips lauding its benefits. Grape-seed anti-oxidant formula leaves your lips feeling soft, plush and protected. Can be worn under lipstick or alone.

I have paid anywhere from 50 cents to $40 for lip treatments. This one cost $10 at Target and just the solid beautiful packaging alone was worth every penny; however, the balm itself is very nourishing, fragrance free and not sticky, tacky or too slick to stay on. It has a very plush feeling and stays fairly well on. But even if I have to reapply is a pleasure for the taking out this gorgeous tube of goodness!

29 by Lydia Mondavi redefines cosmetics and skin care for the woman of today. Lydia Mondavi designed 29 around the idea that true natural beauty, is not effortless, but comes through dedication, understanding, protecting and nourishing the skin. Its a first of its kind, an age protecting skin care and cosmetics line, utilizing the benefits of grape seeds. Go to to get the full story on the line and check out the awesome product lineup.

I am quite excited to try more of this lines products and will definitely pass on my trials as we go! Has anyone tried any of 29s line? If you haven't check out your local Target and get a feel for the elegantly packaged skincare! Sherry