Friday, April 11, 2014

Olay Fresh Effects

Olay just rocks when it comes to new products! The Fresh effects line feels geared to a younger crowd, however, I wanted to try the BB cream as I am addicted to BB,CC creams :). I was pretty impressed as it feels like a tinted moisturizer and isn't real heavy on the skin. The fragrance is light and concealer (for me) is necessary. I have several nieces here in town and they liked the cleansers and moisturizers and told me that they like the brand as Olay is trusted.

The ads are definitely peppy and younger, not that is a bad thing! Over all I am impressed with the BB cream and will wear this on weekends when I don't want to do a full face.

Walmart carries the brand and they are relatively inexpensive. Have you tried the Olay Fresh Effects products? What are your thoughts? Do tell!!!! Sherry