Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sweet smell of life

In a cool dark closet there is a shelf with bottles, tubes, roll-ons, solids, samples of some of the most beautiful scents on earth and I love every one of them! Perfume plays such a pivotal role in my life, major events invoked by a scent full of memories. That first perfume I fell in love with when I was 11, it was called Fame after the movie (yep I am that old LOL) and I bought it at a drugstore and wore it all the time. Then came White Shoulders which was more "grown up" but was too sweet for me as I love perfumes with a musky dark peppery scent. That led to Obsession and that really became my signature. Over the years I got more into scents and started collecting and experimenting and was given gifts of perfume from my 3 sons. Although most they got me were what I liked and they had asked me about, some were bottles they gave me that they picked. I still have most all the perfumes they gave me! My hubby likes those powdery floral and citrus ones, I wear those intermittently as they tend to bring on a migraine.

The evocation of scent memories is incredible and I imagine everyone has memories tied to a perfume. My mother used to wear Avons Timeless and when I smell that it is as if she is hugging me. My sons when they were teenagers were wearing American Eagle scents and Hollister scents and my house was filled with great smelling teenagers (my sons are 15 months apart between the eldest and 22 months apart the last 2). They were in high school all together, 9th, 11th and 12th grade and that was when they spent more time in the mirror then me LOL! I never was one to wear just one signature scent as I love multiple ones and as you can see by my stash it is a healthy variety.

I am careful about migraine trigger scents as well as wear subtle scents when I work as a nurse. However, perfume just makes me feel good. My husband loves when I get out of the shower and get ready for work, as I leave several hours before he does for work and he wakes up smelling me in the house after I am gone. He says that makes his day :). I love when he compliments me on my perfume or how I look (I am such a sucker for his compliments). The thing I admire is a blogger who can write about perfume and do a great job in putting that into words that you can just imagine in real life. I have a really hard time as most scents are colors or memories to me.

I love the shapes of the bottles, the colors and some of the bottles I don't get rid of solely because they are beautiful. Kat Von D's Sinner bottle is exquisite and that is on display. I rotate different ones on my dresser as to my mood and the time of year. Yes I will probably continue to buy fragrances and keep changing what I wear every day and that is ok as it tells people a little about me without me saying a word.

I am so enamored with finding that one that just knocks me off my feet and the hunt is just as much fun as finding the "one". What memories do you have with your perfume? Are you a one perfume woman? Do tell!!!! Sherry