Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nightly sleep rituals with HSN and Boscia Masks

HSN has a great blog post on nightly rituals; please click on this link to read Carly's "4 overnight products you should be using". Great blog article and ideas:

I love sleep mask products! The Korres Greek Yoghurt Sleep Mask was one of the first I tried and I absolutely loved it. I used it to the last drop and decided to try something different. As I have tried the different offerings of Boscia masks, this looked promising. Last night I decided to use it prior to bedtime because my face was super dry after using Nair to remove all my heavy peach fuzz :). After cleaning my face really well and using my nightly serum, I opened the tube and applied. First let me warn you this has a STRONG fragrance of roses. I suffer with severe migraines and strong smells are a trigger so I was kind of scared to really use this. It is creamy white and medium thick. It spreads on nicely, takes quite some time to sink into the skin from the initial application and feels a bit greasy. However it is a sleeping mask so I expect it would take some time to really sink in and that is why the night is perfect to allow the mask to work.

Fortunately for me, the stout rose smell does dissipate quite rapidly and I didn't feel I would be in danger of triggering a migraine. The second thing was when I woke up my face was super soft and the greasy feel was gone leaving behind skin that felt properly plump. All in all I like the way this mask made my skin feel. The fragrance makes me a bit tentative to use again, so I am weighing the pros and cons as to wether I will use this again.

Boscia knows their masks and I am pleased with the ones I have tried. If I was to compare sleeping masks, I would have to say the Korres mask feels, smells and works better for me. The cleansing, detoxing and moisturizing masks that Boscia has are still staples in my skincare routine.

Have you jumped on the sleeping mask bandwagon? What are your favorites? Do you have any nighttime rituals that you do? Please tell! Sherry