Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Have you seen the Kohl's Beauty aisles?

Simply Vera (Vera Wang) Naturally Radiant Hydrating Makeup in #104
Simply Vera Eye Illuminating primer
American Beauty Ultimate Diamond Anti-aging Eye Cream

When I think of Kohls the first thing that enters my mind is some excellent clothing and shoe choices. Jewelry is a close second. Their makeup was just not really something to talk about. You could sometimes find some off the wall brand that was kind of hard to find elsewhere and sometimes all on clearance. However, my hubby and I went in to get him some dress pants and a dress shirt and I wandered over to the cosmetics area (as any good makeup junkie would do:)and was surprised to see Lorac, The Balm, Simply Vera, Elle, American Beauty, Borghese, Hydraxatone and a lot of perfume offerings as well. I had never heard that Vera Wang had a makeup line and grabbed a tube of her foundation as well as the eye primer, because 1) I had Kohl bucks to spend and 2) the swatches were frickin awesome! The American Beauty line I have seen before and didn't feel it was my "age group" type of makeup, but then I saw the anti-aging eye cream and loved the way I felt when I tried it. So I grabbed them and hurried to the counter with my Kohls bucks and yeppers ladies I will do a review for you on all of these products.

Have you shopped at Kohls for beauty items? What are your thoughts? Sherry