Monday, April 7, 2014

Project Make A Dent-Sample Size

I adore samples and trial sizes and little bottles and packets and whew! But I have allowed them to get overwhelming, this picture is only a partial look into my samples. Sometimes, its hard to use a sample that only gives you enough to test it one time and that to me really doesn't give a true example of how the product works. Primers and foundation samples I can usually tell within hours of using them if they are working for me. Serums, moisturizers on occasion I can tell pretty quickly if are adequate for my skin and of course those little perfume samples give an immediate like or not. Its the serums, spot correctors and other longer term products that I have a hard time using for test purposes. However, this is where I am just going to start using these and see on a day to day basis if something strikes my fancy. Hey it really isn't hard for me to use something new, that is the beauty of being a beauty junkie and a blogger :)!

So I vow to get into the sample size packets and have a blast finding something that just might earn a place in my skincare or makeup routine. It beats spending a lot of money on something that just isn't right for me. Trial size is just that. So onward I go, I already know what I am going to wear tomorrow and it's kinda exciting!

Are you a sample stasher? Maybe join me in Project Make A Dent-Sample size! Sherry