Friday, April 4, 2014

Physicians Formula Glow Booster BB Cream

Yes, I fell for the hype. I read about this product, saw it in my local CVS and love bronzed products, especially for spring and summer time. I cannot use facial tanning products as they darken my sun spots that I have from damage to my skin. Public service announcement here ladies: USE sunscreen ALL the time! When I was younger tanning was my thing let me tell ya. The darker I got the better I thought I looked, taking no mind to the long term damage I was doing to my skin. Crepey chests, sun spots on my face and looking older are not pretty. There isn't a day that I forget SPF, especially living in Texas :).

Back to the product. It is thinner than some BB creams I have tried, smooth and goes on well without looking like I slathered my face with orange tanner lotion. It does have an SPF 20 which is a necessity. It says it "replaces moisturizer, foundation, bronzer and SPF". It doesn't dry out my skin, and although thin, I need concealer for the darker areas on my face. It's a bit dewy and I use setting powder on my t-zone. I have quite a few Physician Formula products and they are easy to find as they are at CVS, Walgreens, WalMart. CVS has great BOGO as well as coupons and sales (ok that doesn't help my spending addiction lol). Make sure that you bring it down your neck to keep from having white neckitis, ugh that is so high school LOL! This product is mainly for my quickie weekend running around or days off when I don't have time or the inclination to do a full face.

There are quite a few new Physician Formula products and check out their website to see all the beautiful, new and in some cases gorgeous packaging that they do tend to pull off so well!!

Ladies, what are you doing to help bring about the bronze and youthful glow of this time of year? Would you use this type of product? Do share!!! Sherry