Wednesday, April 9, 2014

La Roche Posay -Sunscreen worth every penny


La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Tinted Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50-Avail CVS $33.49
My white t-shirt makes me look like I have makeup all the way down my neck LOL-then white chest *sigh

The sun is shining really brightly and the temperature will get close to 80 today. On top of that the wind is blowing and I am on a lake. Definite time for sunscreen to be used! This one I bought last year during fishing season and absolutely loved it. It is a nice medium tinted sunscreen, goes on smoothly and sets to a matte finish quickly. It lasts for most of the day and unless I sweat really badly it doesn't budge! In fact you need to use an oil or oil based cleanser to wash this off your face. I don't like to put on makeup when I am out and about on the lake and fishing with my hubby but the sunspots I have on my face need to be protected and this gives me just enough coverage to even out skintone and a lot of SPF coverage as well. No fragrance to speak of and doesn't leave a mess behind.

I learned the hard way the damage that sun can do to my skin and I also have a family history of skin cancer. I will not take any chances anymore. Ladies, it's an easy and quick fix to put on sunscreen and trust me looking like an old piece of leather just ain't pretty ya'll!

This sunscreen is by a trusted and dang good brand as well as ticking all the boxes on SPF, coverage and tinted to boot. Get your sunscreens ready because it's really that time of year that the skincare game gets upped. Hope you enjoy the brighter weather that is coming :) Sherry