Sunday, June 22, 2014

You get what you pay for

Over the last year I have had some awful haircuts. I am not just talking a little bit awful but "I cried all the way home" haircuts. I have a hard time paying a lot for this service but found when you go cheap you get cheap! You definitely get what you pay for!

So ladies I went to my local Ulta and spent some time talking to the hairstylist and let her know that I need help to get the last horrible "mullet" style cut fixed. She was awesome! Not only did she look at my hair, she asked questions, made suggestions and worked with me on the idea and outcome. I felt comfortable with her and decided to take the plunge. I am so happy that I did.

You can see the top picture (before) and that is after letting it grow out for 4 months. When you have to put multiple products in your hair to get it somewhat ok, that is not good. The after picture was taken minutes after she finished and I was ecstatic! It will be quick and easy for summer and she shaped and re-layered it to work. I took the picture because I wanted to show my husband because he has really good taste and lets me know immediately if he likes it. He texted back he loved it. That, along with how I feel makes it totally worth every penny.

Trust me when I say that you need to explain your hsircut and have the stylist listen. Overall, I am super happy with it as well as having the hubby love it. Have you had a terrible haircut? Do you agree that you get what you pay for? Lesson learned!!! Our hair has a lot to do with our self esteem, thus I will pay the money to have it done right from now on :).

Thanks for stopping by the blog and have a great weekend! Sherry