Friday, June 27, 2014

Now Solutions Hyaluronic Acid Creme

Recently I was browsing in a herb store and came across this tube. Hyaluronic acid is very necessary, especially for older skin as it holds in the moisture to make the skin plumper. I know that any product that helps to plump up my skin and hold in moisture is going to be a part of my skincare routine. This cream is thick and takes a few minutes to skin in but after using this in place of regular nightly moisturizer, I could tell a difference in how my skin looked and felt. I had never heard of this brand and did some internet research and was surprised and pleased to know that their products are not tested on animals and are well known for purity and all around really good products. They have several products for mature skin, including serums, eye creams and products that the ingredient list shows great vitamins and minerals and herbs. Not all their products are for mature skin, they have a variety of great all around all age products as well.

Check this line out, especially of you like natural and paraben free products. It looks like Puritan's Pride is the main company that carries their products. Have you heard of this line? Do you use their products? Do tell! Sherry