Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jewelry love

I have an incredibly sweet husband. He has picked out jewelry for me over the years that amazes me because his taste is impeccable! He knows I love silver and unique pieces as well. When we were in Dillards as I was shopping in the cosmetic area, he wandered over to the jewelry and picked this up. It was something he liked a lot and he had to get it for me! He has been known to purchase jewelry and try to hide the fact when I have wandered over to see what he is interested in. Lots of salesladies have helped him "hide" the purchases and help to surprise me. This was no exception and I love it! I have a very tiny wrist and was surprised that this fit perfectly. It is on trend, unique and even better it is hammered silver which lends a really cool vibe.

Have you been surprised with baubles from your significant other? What was your best surprise? Do tell!!! Sherry