Saturday, June 21, 2014

Scrapbooking for Paper lovers

Flow Book for Paper Lovers

I have always loved to journal and scrapbook as well as make jewelry. Browsing through Barnes and Noble I came upon this incredible book full of tags, scrapbook paper, wrapping, miniature envelopes, stickers, postcards, coloring pictures and more. I was in awe and my brain went nuts with thinking of all the crafts and ideas that I could do with this menagerie of paper. It was $24.99 but worth every penny and more!

For you ladies that love DIY and crafts, I wanted to pass this on and hope you are able to get hold of this before it sells out. I found it by the magazines and I am sure it is in the craft/scrapbooking area as well. It is a Dutch company and is translated into English. There are some incredible and beautiful paper inside. I was surprised as it is chock full of different things to do and use. I am currently using a few of the paperwork and can't wait to do even more.

So ladies, if you are like me and love to scrapbook, journal and make unique artistic presents, then this book is not only a bargain, it is a must have! Run to your local Barnes and Noble and grab yours today :). Blessings, Sherry