Sunday, June 1, 2014

Jewelry is the icing on the makeup cake

I love to create jewelry and it is so relaxing and enjoyable. When I get ready and put my makeup on and make sure it feels good to look good for the day, the jewelry I wear is the cherry on top! Today I was a bit stressed and my creative brain was hoppin' so I sat down and made these earrings. Not only are they really pretty, they are the touch that makes me unique and shows my style. It's interesting that we make sure that our makeup stays put, wear a pop of color and even make ourselves have a unique and beautiful look, and we dress to impress as well. My jewelry expresses how I am feeling, completes an outfit and just gives that extra oomph to our day.

I love getting compliments on a one of a kind necklace, a pair of earrings or my crazy rings! It gives someone a glimpse of my personality. Makeup helps us feel good about ourselves, covers things we want to hide and makes us look alive. Each person wears makeup for different reasons and the same goes for jewelry.

Yeppers this is a different kinda post but it just came to me that we do so many different things to present ourselves to the world and makeup, hairstyles, outfits, jewelry do that. Do you have certain jewelry that you wear that just makes you feel good? What is your favorite jewelry to wear? Do tell!!! Enjoy the day and wear that piece of art that you save for special occasions because ladies today is a special occasion!!!