Thursday, June 5, 2014

The cutest travel medication holder I have ever seen!

First of all I have no earthly idea who made this medication holder. I was taking care of my aunt in the hospital and was browsing the gift shop and came upon a display with several options of these. When I travel I love to have a organized pill holder instead of them all thrown together and in a ziploc bag! So I grabbed this one as it had purple in it (my favorite color) and fleur de lis, which I am infatuated with (I have a tattoo with a fleur de lis).

Having your medications organized and separated is necessary and safe. Yes I am getting all nursey on you, but so many medications look alike and can be dangerous if you take too many of them at once. I like knowing that if I grab Monday's meds that they are Monday's meds and I don't worry that they are not correct. Of course I always look at my medications prior to taking them but it sure gives peace of mind when they are together and organized!

Ok off the soap box I come, just thought I would throw that in along with the really cute pill holder/organizer! You just never know what you will find in a hospital gift shop :). Do you keep your meds in an organizer? Do tell! Sherry